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April 7, 2019 1:30 pm


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Dear Parents,
Parenting is tough. In fact, I'm convinced there is no tougher job than raising kids who will follow after God's desired path for them once they leave the home. It becomes extra tough when they are swimming in a culture that is feeding them messages that push against that goal.

We want to link arms with you in this effort. I will be offering a special 2 week (April 7th and April 14th) class specifically for parents of students. This will be right after church and lunch will be provided. My goal is not to tell you how to parent your teen. My goal is to create a place and a space for some honest discussion while providing some insights and tools for you to determine the best practices in your home.
Here's a breakdown:

April 7th: We Want You to Know / Lasting Faith
When we talk about a partnership between Parents and the Student Ministries, what does that mean? We want to take a look at some key ways we want to best partner with you.
Parents play a vital role (probably THE most vital role) in building a faith in their students that can last. We’ll examine some key questions that, when students make a part of their mental makeup, can build up a faith that lasts. 

April 14th: Social Media and Cell Phones / Prayer

They are a HUGE part of our teens’ lives. We will discuss how to train up students to become wise consumers who have technology in their lives, but their technology doesn’t have them.

You won't be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. We're going to talk about specific and practical ways to be your students' number one prayer warrior.

Although the primary target is parents of teenagers, any parents of grade school students could benefit from the majority of the content being covered. I'd LOVE for you to consider joining us over these 2 weeks.

Partnering with You,
Nate Donley