December 7, 201910:00 am


December 7, 201912:00 pm


Memorial Drive Chruch
747 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK, 74112

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Photo by  Markus Spiske  on  Unsplash

Memorial Drive finds itself in Year #9 of their Christmas Store!

This will help new -- and old -- friends celebrate Christmas that might otherwise pass them by. And with this new season, Memorial Drive is excited to continue receiving support from The Journey! The Journey has long experienced with the Christmas Store concept.

Below is a quick rundown of what has been working for the Memorial Drive Christmas Store.


Donations will be received through December 5. You can drop off your gifts at Wright Christian Academy or The Outpost. The Cost per item is up to $25 (sale or retail); to be re-priced at 25%. Ages -- Infants through 18 years. Submit toys unwrapped with prices attached. No clothing!! except team logos on caps, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We have designated Shoppers if you wish to donate $$$. There will be a Free Table -- gently used donations from which our guests love to choose.


Of course, none of this can happen without our unbelievable Volunteers! Following is a list of our volunteer categories. If you are interested, please contact Lisa Combs. We'd love to have you with us on December 7

Babysitters -- will be stationed in Garrett's Place to watch any of our shoppers' children.

Bakers -- will prepare the goodies to share with our guests as they wait to shop.

Carry-Out -- will assist our guests in getting their purchases to their cars.

Checkers -- will check out the gifts our guests choose to purchase. You could be handling a cash box. Calculators will be available.

Gift Wrappers -- will be stationed near the exit to wrap guests' purchases -- if they so desire.

Hosts -- are asked to usher, mingle, chat, answer questions, offer comfort, pray with and/or counsel our guests.

Pricers/Sorters -- will determine new, discounted pricing for the donated merchandise, sort the merchandise into age-appropriate groups, stage tables.

Refreshments -- will be served to our guests as they wait to shop.

Registrars -- will be at tables to accept Registration Forms from our guests, and then direct them to a Host or Runner to continue to the Waiting Area. We would love to have a Spanish interpreter be a part of this team.

Runners -- will be available to step in where needed, i.e. delivering messages, helping with any area that needs extra hands, running errands, assisting Carry-Out.

Shopper Guides -- will escort one family at a time through the Store within the time frame, answer any questions they may have, and then guide them to Check-Out.

Shoppers -- will take any donated cash to buy merchandise to complete our selection prior to the day of the Store.

Spanish Interpreters -- are needed to help communicate with some of our guests.

Store Set-Up -- We will need maybe about 15 minutes on Wednesday, the 5th -- before, during or after small group meetings (TBD) -- to set up work stations and stage tables.

Store Take-Down -- Everyone always pitches in when the Store closes (amazing!), but you are asked to help make sure we can leave the Great Room as fresh and clean as if we were never there.

Thank you! Journeyers, for your prayers that lives will again be touched for Jesus, and for your loving and caring hearts to help and support us with this event this year.

If you have any Questions or would like more information on how to be involved and help with this event please contact Lisa Combs at or call 918-663-3000.