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Sunday, June 23, 2019


Sunday, June 23, 2019


We are starting a new series called “How to Ruin Your Life,” and I hope that by the end of these four weeks you will have a full working knowledge on how to really screw up your life. 

Let me reassure you, though—the point of all of this isn’t necessarily to lead you to destruction, but rather to lead you into a life that is filled with success. So for the next four of weeks, we’re going to be talking about topics like creating friendships that will stand the test of time, how to date in a way that will last, and using your phone wisely. 

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is a series on wisdom. Typically, when we mention in church that we’re talking about wisdom, everyone’s eyes seem to glaze over. In the church, we make some really big claims about wisdom. We claim that if only you could live life wisely, your entire life will change for the better!

See, the world has become suspicious of claims like this. When we make a claim like this about something, and it ends up not delivering what it promised, our tendency is to disregard that something altogether. 

This phenomenon is called clickbaiting. You know clickbaiting. It’s when internet videos or articles have titles like, “He walked up to her with a bag of cheeseburgers and you won’t BELIEVE what happened next!” “When she tried this simple solution, you won’t BELIEVE how her life changed!” “6 tips to finding the perfect boyfriend … number 3 will SHOCK you!” 

Clickbait is all around us, and 9 times out of 10 when it says “You won’t believe this,” the truth is we can believe! Come find out more Sunday morning!


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