October 27, 2019 9:30 pm


October 27, 201910:30 pm


How Did Jesus Spell Relationship? L-O-V-E

Jesus came to earth with a plan to reconcile us to God by freeing us from our sin. After his death and resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven and took his place at the right hand of the Father to intercede for us. So how will the rest of humanity be reconciled to God? Through us! Jesus tells us to love deeply and to lavish his love on the people he places in our lives.

Sometimes it’s hardest to lavish love on those we know best. For example, we know so much about our siblings, down to every annoying detail, that we don’t always feel love toward them. Or maybe on a particular day we don’t feel they’ve earned the kind of love God commands us to share with one another. In this lesson, students will learn the importance of sharing Jesus’ love with all the friends and family he’s placed in our lives.

As Jesus prepared himself for the cross, he met with his disciples, washing their feet, and giving them instructions. He included a new commandment—one on which the church would be built.
This commandment would introduce lost people to Jesus, even after his death. Jesus was counting on these disciples to carry out this commandment so that all people, for all time, would be reconciled to him.

In verse 34, Jesus gives the disciples this simple, clear commandment: “Love each other.” This changes everything. It provides grace where grace is needed. It feeds people who are hungry. It forgives people who have sinned against us. It heals broken relationships. Love each other.

Jesus tells his disciples that the one recognizable thing connecting them to him will be their love for each other. If you want the world to know you’re my disciples, he says, “Love each other. Just as I have loved you...” Jesus doesn’t say, “I command you to keep doing miracles in my name.” He doesn’t say, “My new commandment is that you build huge churches in my name.” He doesn’t say, “The world will know you’re my disciples because of your amazing teaching.”

Through love, we give people who don’t yet believe in Jesus a chance to recognize him and invite him to be Lord of their life. In this lesson, students will recognize the power of simply loving each other as Jesus loves us.