Ready for the life change you’ve always wanted?

The Journey will help you take your next step with Jesus, even if it feels like a giant leap of faith.

We’re here to walk together with Jesus and go change the world.

Join The Journey Sundays and preview our worship before you visit.


Can the Bible really change your life?

What is it like to read the Bible for life change instead of just Bible facts or to get saved? Join us for life change in THE JOURNEY BIBLE PROJECT. Like getting a degree that will change your vocation from self-centered to Christ-centered, we’re offering you a four year walk through the Bible with trusted teachers in our church.


Daily Bible Devotionals to Change Your Life


Do you want to be heard?

Church leaders are happy to meet with you to listen, pray, read Scripture, and share spiritual counsel.

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Would you study the Bible to change your life?

Children, teens, and adults read the Bible together for life change on Sunday mornings, 9:30 am at Wright Christian Academy, 11391 E. Admiral Place | Tulsa, OK 74116.


Why should you follow Jesus?

Important question! Nothing in life will satisfy you and mess up your plans like following Jesus. We believe following Jesus means we repent of our sins, claim Jesus as the President and CEO of the Universe and first love in our hearts. This begins to make a difference in how we live. We believe following Jesus means doing what he says daily. Life change is a long obedience in the direction of Jesus. That’s why we’re called The Journey.

Are you interested in beginning or going deeper in relationship with Jesus Christ? Below are some ways you can take next steps.