The Journey Bible Project guides you on a path through the Bible in order to take next steps with Jesus.


Welcome to The Journey Bible Project!

How are you navigating today’s confusing world? The Journey Bible Project is designed as a guide for turbulent times. We all need God’s voice in our lives more than competing voices.

With lots of help from our network of men and women preachers, teachers, and writers, I’ll be your guide on an adventure through the Bible. God changes lives, one chapter, one step at a time. I believe God will equip you to change the world in redeeming ways as we learn together.

God bless you and guide you daily,

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Watch Sermons and Worship

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Listen to Sermons

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Join Bible Studies for All Ages

Each Sunday we gather to read the Bible for life change in age groups from preschool to adult.

Join us at 9:30-10:30 am for this important weekly community Bible study.




Luke 23: The Death of Jesus

In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Greg Taylor continues the lead up to Easter with a closer and closer look at the final week of the life of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke is culminating in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. From Luke 23, this blog focuses on the death of Jesus.

Little Flock Living

Sometimes Jesus just seems contradictory. It’s no wonder that non-Christians and Christians alike have trouble applying Jesus’ words to their lives

Luke 22: "The Time of Trial"

In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Greg Taylor shows how Jesus does not propose theories about the meaning of his death. He enacts concrete actions based in historical realities such as the Passover and the Exodus to show how he and his death are becoming the new liberation of Israel from the powers of evil.

The Journey Minute March 18th 2019

The Journey Minute is a quick update of what’s going on at The Journey

Church Planting In New England

It was only after I moved here that I was kind of forced to face that fear of talking to non-christians about my faith, and God has over and over again made it clear that I don’t need to attract people to the Gospel; it does that on it’s own.

Journey Kids February Recap

I am sharing with you some wonderful pictures of The Journey Kids that were taken in the month of February.

The Journey Minute March 11th 2019

The Journey Minute is a quick update of what’s going on at The Journey


If tax season gets you down, you are not alone. What does Jesus say about paying taxes? As tax filing day approaches, Greg Taylor takes a look at what Jesus says about paying taxes to government in today’s Journey Bible Project blog.

Love and Friendship - Pictures


This was the first time we had The Journey Cafe at Wright Christian and thanks to you, we had a great turn out.

Best quality photos by Daniel Peters


Bartola Kuruvilla

Bartola is the Children’s Minister and is married to Thomas (TJ) Kuruvilla. They are current foster parents of a wonderful 5 year old boy. They love serving withing the church and outside of it as opportunities present themselves. Being an adopted kid herself, Bartola has a heart for missions and grew up as the result of Mission Predisan in Honduras. As a Loving Wife, Mom, and Children’s Minister: she is astonished to see how God’s hand has worked in her life.

Baby Blessing II Pictures

Our prayer should always be to "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

Luke 19: Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man

Zacchaeus in the Sycamore Tree is one of the first Bible stories that Journey preacher Greg Taylor remembers. The little song tells the story, and Luke gives some of the same details, but there’s much more to this story in today’s Journey Bible Project blog.

Luke 18: "Be merciful to me, a sinner!"

Twice in this chapter we hear the voices of humble people crying out to the Lord, “God, be merciful to me . . .” What these two persons know is so vital to living in this new reality of the kingdom that Jesus is bringing. Read Luke 18 and discussion of this text in today’s Journey Bible Project Blog by Greg Taylor.

Luke 17: Saying 'Thank You' to the Healer

Greg Taylor reads the Bible with neighbors in East Tulsa. The Journey Outpost is open for walk ins for prayer, loving counsel, and hearing the scriptures together. Here Greg describes reading with one of our neighbors this week.

Luke 16: The Rich Man and Lazarus

The story of the Rich Man and Lazarus has some horrifying imagery of the disparity of rich and poor, both in this life and the life to come. In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Greg Taylor looks at the parable Jesus told and what it said to original hearers and may say to us today about economics, salvation, and the life to come.

"Prodigals" Part 3: The Elder Son

Come with friends in tow Sunday, March 3, 2019 when we learn more of our need to feel the loving embrace of the father for the elder brother, who is also lost. Read today’s Bible Project blog and share with your family and friends.

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