This past Wednesday the Journey Young Adults (JYA) met for their first monthly small group.  We're a relatively new group at our church compared to some of the groups that have been together for 10+ years, however we're growing fast, in number, as well as relationship with one another!  We have had several other group get-togethers hosted in our members' homes, but this marks our first routinely scheduled meeting outside of Sunday mornings.

With the launch of a new event, you never know who might show up, or how it will go, but it was great!  Those who showed up were Spenser Bolte, Quinn Fields, Ben West, Jeffrey Deavenport, Shawn Sikes and myself (Cory Legg).  (Not sure where our normal group of ladies were at?!)  Spenser did a wonderful job as he led us through a time of sharing our peaks and valleys from the past month.  Our highs, lows, good, bad and ugly!  Whatever was on our heart we had an opportunity to share it with each other.  It was a great time of opening up that allowed us to all have more insight into each others' lives which helps us all feel more connected.  Often times Sunday mornings can feel rushed, and don't always allow for a lot of conversation and connection time, so being able to come together specifically for that purpose was great!  After we all took turns sharing, we went back around the circle and prayed over the person to our right and asked God's blessing upon them and all that they had previously shared.

I had a fantastic time at our first official small group meeting, and I'm looking forward to our next one on July 18th!  Will you join us?!  We hope to see you there.  If you're interested in checking out our Young Adults group some of our other gatherings include:

  1. Bible Study every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30am at our normal meeting place, Wright Christian Academy.  Our worship service follows from 10:45-noon.
  2. Every 1st Wednesday for Journey Cafe at our Outpost (office at 3171 S. 129th East Ave., Tulsa) which is a come-and-go event between 4pm-8pm.  Most of us young adults show up after work around 6pm.
  3. Every 3rd Wednesday for our small group meeting at the Outpost.  We are still figuring out what times work best for everyone, but we plan for 6:30-8:00pm.

Email me at if you'd like more info about our JYA group or our church in general.  If you'd like to be added to our private Facebook Group where we share more info about events, prayer requests, and just share in community our everyday lives go to this link and request to join the group:




Cory is our worship minister. He and his lovely wife Hannah have 3 beautiful kids, Margo, Solomon and Juniper. They have a heart for foster care and adoption. Cory has a passion for music and how it connects to God's heart. He enjoys running marathons and being out in nature.

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