What is better than candy, more beautiful than a butterfly, and full of more love than you have ever known?  No, I'm not talking about chocolate chip cookies, I'm talking about HEAVEN!  Heaven is much better than ANYTHING we have ever seen or known.

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a wonderful place that God has made for people who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9   The Bible describes it as a place where everyone is always HAPPY, a place with no tears, no crying, and no pain. Revelation 21:4  It is a very BEAUTIFUL place, people who have seen it use words like "glory" and "pure" and "gold" to describe it. Revelation 21:9-21  It's a place where nobody will ever be hungry, or tired, or poor. Revelation 7:16, 1 Peter 1:3-4

That's great!  How do I get there?

You can't get to Heaven in a car, bus, airplane, or even a spaceship.  You can't buy a ticket to Heaven, and you can't sneak in when nobody is looking.  There is only ONE way to get to Heaven, and JESUS is THE WAY. John 14:6  Without Jesus, nobody can go to Heaven. John 8:24

Heaven is one of the TWO places God will put people after they die.  The other place is called Hell, and is the worst place you could ever think of. Revelation 20:15  How does God decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell?  The Bible says that God has books where he keeps track of what people do. Revelation 20:12  Have you ever told a lie, even a tiny one?  We all do bad things like lying or even worse.  God calls these bad things SIN and writes them down in His books.

The problem is, sin cannot be in Heaven where God is. Psalm 5:4  Because we have all sinned, we are ALL on the road to Hell. Romans 3:23  But God LOVES us so much, and He doesn't want anybody to go to Hell.  2 Peter 3:9  That is why He sent His son Jesus to take our place and die for our sins.  Isaiah 53:1-6  Because of what Jesus did when He died on the cross and rose again, God will FORGIVE the sins of people who turn to Jesus for help.

Will I be there?

Heaven is a great place, but do you know for sure that YOU will be there?  The Bible makes it very clear that if we REALIZE that we are sinners and TURN to Jesus for help, and TRUST Him completely, we will be saved from our sins.  Romans 10:9  At the moment you ask Jesus to save you and come into your heart, God will wash away your sins and write your name in the book of life.  Luke 10:20; Revelation 21:27  You will be on your way to Heaven!

Some people won't make it to Heaven because they don't believe what God has said in the Bible.  Revelation 21:8  Others will miss Heaven because they think they can do enough good things to get there.  Ephesians 2:8  Others will have to suffer an eternity in Hell because they won't turn to Jesus for help John 3:36  Don't be like them!  BELIEVE God's word.  ADMIT to God that you are a sinner, and THANK Him for sending Jesus to take away your sins by dying on the cross.

Trust Jesus as your Savior TODAY, and you will have something much better than candy.  Your sins will be forgiven your name will be written in the book of life, and you will be on your way to HEAVEN!



Veronica is our guest relations director. Born and raised in New Mexico (so you know she loves green chile!). She enjoys cooking, laughing, and spending time with her husband, Gabriel, and four daughters (yes, four!), who all serve alongside her in the church.

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