THE JYG IS UP: Girls Just Want to Have Fun... And Kill Zombies?


THE JYG IS UP: Girls Just Want to Have Fun... And Kill Zombies?

Call of Duty: Girls Day 

Yesterday was national girlfriends day, and the ladies of JYG celebrated at youth minister Nate Donley's house. Nate was kind enough to act as our personal chef for the day, grilling up hot dogs for lunch, and serving delicious pasta for dinner. Although we started the day with a loose plan, it quickly went out the window when we saw Nate's XBOX. 

gamer girls_JYG.jpg

When JYG sponsor BreAnna Lees and I began planning our girl's day, we wrote down a few activities that we determined were "must-haves". This list included a variety of nail polish, different kinds of face masks, chocolate, string to make bracelets, and at least one chick flick. But when we saw Nate's XBOX, we were all cautiously intrigued. If you don't know much about gaming, suffice it to say it's generally a boys club. One girl said she had never played before because her brother never let her. Another said that she used to watch her boyfriend play, but had never really tried it herself. 

So we ditched the idea of a typical girls day, and started playing Call of Duty. Most of us had never even picked up a controller before, so we were all patient with each other, and we learned how to play together. There were no boys yelling directions at us or hogging the controllers, only a group of girls cheering each other on, and learning something new. Before we knew it, 5 hours had gone by! 

I had so much fun at girls day, and I'm so glad we have a group of patient, loving, and supportive young ladies that can have fun together! 

See you at the next JYG event!



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