The Journey Bible Project guides you on a path through the Bible in order to take next steps with Jesus.

A Few Good Men in Judah

Read in today’s Journey Bible Project blog about one of the few good kings among the many bad kings in Israel and Judah. Chris Dial tells about the life and times of Asa and then makes important applications to our lives today.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 21-22

What kind of man was Paul? Chris W. Dial explores some of his early thoughts about Paul and how those thoughts are changing as he learns more about Acts and Paul.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 19-20

Paul faced hardships and persecutions wherever he went. The Holy Spirit showed him this would happen. What about us? Will we face hardships and trials in life when we are on mission following Jesus?

Chris W. Dial on Acts 16-18

Are you ready to do something for the glory of God? Be careful, because when we seek to do something good, evil awaits us to turn us away from good works.

Good News for Everyone: Chris W. Dial on Acts 8-10

The good news is for everyone, that much is obvious from Luke-Acts, but as Chris W. Dial says, it’s not obvious to everyone. Then and now we need to remember that the Holy Spirit was poured out on “all flesh” and that means all nations and all people have access to the good news of the Lord of Creation dying for us, rising, reigning and pouring out the Spirit on all people who want to receive.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 7

Today Chris W. Dial tells the story of a man who was full of faith and the Holy Spirit, and like Jesus he was killed by humans who did not understand his faith and proclamation.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 4-6: Can you really handle the truth?

The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Journey member Chris W. Dial delves into how we handle biblical truths.


How did the first church show radical acts of love? Will you join the Revolution: Radical Acts of Love? You are invited to The Journey this Sunday!


After six months of monthly Courageous Conversations, questions are mounting about what we do with these conversations? What is the purpose?

Two surprising things about the first church

The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Journey member Chris W. Dial shows us two surprising things about the first church.


The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Greg Taylor gives us three ways to be an Acts 2 church!

Luke 24: The Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection shows God has come to triumph over death, and Jesus is the first one to lead the way into a way of live we can begin now on earth. Here are four ways early followers of Jesus witnessed and learned to live resurrected lives.

Why is sustainability so important to Kibo?

The disciples probably didn’t realize it, but for those three intensive years, Jesus was preparing them to take over his earthly ministry

How did the example of Jesus inspire Ida to serve in Uganda?

God could have chosen to incarnate as a king or a priest — someone with power and privilege. But Jesus, though he was equal to God, brought himself down, not just to the level of humanity, but what his community considered the lowest level of humanity

How did Jesus interact with women?

The patriarchal Hellenistic Jewish setting into which Jesus was born considered women second-class citizens, inherently inferior to their brothers, fathers, and husbands

The Only Packing List for Short Term Missions You'll Ever Need!

Greg Taylor co-wrote a book with Anne-Geri’ Fann about How to Get Ready for Short Term Missions. As many are preparing for short term summer trips, we strongly encourage you to order Greg’s and Anne-Geri’s book, and check out this Short Term Missions Packing List. This is worth the price of the book, and we’re offering this packing list free here at The Journey.

What is the "irresistible invitation" Kibo proclaims?

Jesus performed many miracles in the Bible. Afterward, he often commanded the people he helped to be silent, to not tell anyone about what happened. But people couldn’t keep quiet about the amazing things Jesus did for them.

What does it mean to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in rural Uganda?

James saw that Jesus preached the good news by living the good news. The commandment to love your neighbor isn’t a passive feeling of goodwill, but an action that is absolutely key to faith.

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