7 Free Messages on Hebrews: Jesus is Greater

7 messages on Hebrews with the theme, “Jesus is Greater” to share on web and in your church.

Shoes for our Community

This was a great event that we had at East Central Village! Providing shoes for the kids in our community! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!

The partnership between The Journey and East Central Village has created opportunities for both communities to partake in moments of joy, laughter, and even crying together. The relationships that are being made are very genuine forms of unity that cross all boundaries. We pray together and encourage each other to continue to focus on Jesus and be a light in our communities.

5 Reasons Not to Attend Church This Sunday

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor gives you five reasons not to attend church this Sunday.

A Few Good Men in Judah

Read in today’s Journey Bible Project blog about one of the few good kings among the many bad kings in Israel and Judah. Chris Dial tells about the life and times of Asa and then makes important applications to our lives today.

Clarence Davis calls on The Journey to send Bibles into an Oklahoma prison


A Call To Give

Last Sunday, July 7th 2019, Clarence Davis shared with our church during “Family Time” that his son who is currently in prison wants to share the Good News of Jesus with other inmates, and as part of that he needs Bibles. So we took up a special offering and received around $650! This, along with some other funds from Journey will buy about 65 Bibles. They’ve requested the Celebrate Recovery Study Bibles, as they will help these men and women to deal with their “hurts, habits, and hangups” as they are able to work through the CR curriculum. If you’d still like to give to this cause, click here.

Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated on Sunday to help Clarence Davis buy Celebrate Recovery Study Bibles for his son who is ministering to others while in prison. What a beautiful testimony! May God bless these Bibles, and all those that use them. Watch this video below to hear what Clarence had to say about all of this!

The Journey Cares for Missionaries

In an effort to give encouragement, remain connected, and engage and honor the missionaries The Journey partners with, we want to be a church that sends well. Being sent well is critical to effective ministry on the field, and it begins here with us. Missionary care involves everyone.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 21-22

What kind of man was Paul? Chris W. Dial explores some of his early thoughts about Paul and how those thoughts are changing as he learns more about Acts and Paul.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 19-20

Paul faced hardships and persecutions wherever he went. The Holy Spirit showed him this would happen. What about us? Will we face hardships and trials in life when we are on mission following Jesus?

Chris W. Dial on Acts 16-18

Are you ready to do something for the glory of God? Be careful, because when we seek to do something good, evil awaits us to turn us away from good works.

Good News for Everyone: Chris W. Dial on Acts 8-10

The good news is for everyone, that much is obvious from Luke-Acts, but as Chris W. Dial says, it’s not obvious to everyone. Then and now we need to remember that the Holy Spirit was poured out on “all flesh” and that means all nations and all people have access to the good news of the Lord of Creation dying for us, rising, reigning and pouring out the Spirit on all people who want to receive.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 7

Today Chris W. Dial tells the story of a man who was full of faith and the Holy Spirit, and like Jesus he was killed by humans who did not understand his faith and proclamation.

Chris W. Dial on Acts 4-6: Can you really handle the truth?

The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Journey member Chris W. Dial delves into how we handle biblical truths.


How did the first church show radical acts of love? Will you join the Revolution: Radical Acts of Love? You are invited to The Journey this Sunday!


After six months of monthly Courageous Conversations, questions are mounting about what we do with these conversations? What is the purpose?

Two surprising things about the first church

The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Journey member Chris W. Dial shows us two surprising things about the first church.


The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, Greg Taylor gives us three ways to be an Acts 2 church!

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