The Journey Bible Project guides you on a path through the Bible in order to take next steps with Jesus.

The Only Packing List for Short Term Missions You'll Ever Need!

Greg Taylor co-wrote a book with Anne-Geri’ Fann about How to Get Ready for Short Term Missions. As many are preparing for short term summer trips, we strongly encourage you to order Greg’s and Anne-Geri’s book, and check out this Short Term Missions Packing List. This is worth the price of the book, and we’re offering this packing list free here at The Journey.

Acts 1: What does the church do when faced with a monster task?

The Journey Bible Project moves into the exciting second half of Luke’s gospel: Acts. In today’s blog, we see how the first church responds to a monster challenge! How do you respond to a monster challenge?

Church Planting In New England

It was only after I moved here that I was kind of forced to face that fear of talking to non-christians about my faith, and God has over and over again made it clear that I don’t need to attract people to the Gospel; it does that on it’s own.

Journeying Down the Path to Understanding

We at The Journey had our annual prayer retreat at New Life Ranch, the weekend had a wonderful balance of fellowship, food, bible study and solitude.

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