Lord, Please Protect our Children!

Lord, Please Protect our Children!

… as they start this new school year.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Once again the school year is soon to start, and we praise and glorify your name for the educational opportunity these children have.

We pray a fresh beginning into every child’s life. Allow these kids to be filled with smiley faces, excitement, and encouraged hearts as they begin classes with bravery. Help them to remember to seek you first, Lord, and give them the wisdom, safety and protection only you can give. Also, give them the comfort they need as they meet new friends, get adjusted to new environments, and to take on challenges in a positive way. Help them soak up the knowledge that will make them into good men and women of God and society.

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Help them remember that you are there next to them in the halls, the classrooms, the cafeteria, the playground, the gym and the fields. You are their peace and strength! Help them feel it every day throughout the school year. 

Help them treat others with kindness and respect and to guard their hearts with the Armor of your Word. Give them joy and peace as they put their trust in you. Allow them to rely on you to move through each routine and every challenge.

For the Teachers

Photo by  Pedro Lima  on  Unsplash

Photo by Pedro Lima on Unsplash

We are grateful, and we lift them up in your name. We ask that you give them grace, patience, love, and wisdom as they get to know each child and meet their educational needs. We praise you Lord, because they make such a difference in each child’s life. Help us to encourage them and support them as each school day goes by.

Bless the parents, grandparents and guardians of each and every student. We are are the pillars behind each child’s success.

We pray that this may be the best school year yet. 



Bartola Kuruvilla

Bartola is the Children’s Minister and is married to Thomas (TJ) Kuruvilla. They are current foster parents of a wonderful 5 year old boy. They love serving within the church and outside of it as opportunities present themselves. Being an adopted kid herself, Bartola has a heart for missions and grew up as the result of Mission Predisan in Honduras. As a Loving Wife, Mom, and Children’s Minister: she is astonished to see how God’s hand has worked in her life.

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