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Your Perfect Fit

Dating is easier than ever. Swipe right. Swipe left. And these days, online dating and virtual conversations literally give you relationship opportunities at your fingertips.

And yet, dating might be harder now than ever. 

A lot of our relationship information is public—photos, statuses, posts. And the rules have changed. Sex isn’t taboo anymore and typically expected on or by the third date. So how does a Christian navigate this world when the rules aren’t as conservative as they once were and everyone’s business is all up in your face? 

While there is a lot to say on the subject, I firmly believe that following God’s rules are best. A simple reminder I tell myself is, “God will bless my obedience, but He won’t bless my disobedience.

That may sound trite or cliché, but it’s helped me make many a decision over the years, and as someone who can attest that true love exists and the right guy will definitely be your perfect fit, please enjoy this excerpt from my debut book The Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After.


Cinderella got it right. 

Ariel chased Eric, Belle saved the Beast and, while both Princess Aurora and Snow White slept, Prince Charming pursued his lady. He knew what he wanted; and what he wanted was mild, modest, mysterious Cinderella. Though unknowingly, she let herself be pursued.

Being pursued is fun.

I remember daydreaming about when I’d meet my future husband. Would he be cute? Tall? Funny? Would it be love at first sight, or was he someone I already knew? The fantasy of meeting him became an obsession. Every guy who crossed my path caused the daydreamer voice in my mind to shout, “This could be him!” “What if he’s the one?” 

Was he the guy behind the counter at Subway?

Or maybe the cute waiter who winked at me?

The pizza delivery guy?

Why didn’t my fantasies include rich men in fancy cars? Why was there usually food involved?

I dreamt of our story, eager to experience it. I prayed that we’d meet early in life. “God, please bring him to me soon. We don’t have to get married right away—I just want time to hang out.”

Thankfully, God didn’t make me wait long. I was 19 when Justin walked into my receptionist office at Florida Christian College. It was attraction at first sight. He made me so nervous that I grabbed a stack of mail and turned away from him to sort it. I shot a sneak peek over my shoulder to see if he was watching me. 

Justin says that’s the moment he knew he had me.

While Justin thinks he “had me,” I knew better. Being pursued, while easy, is purposeful. Intentional. Deliberate. It’s not just about getting a guy’s attention—it’s a process of ensuring that he’s the one. 

Of all the men holding glass slippers, he has to be your perfect fit.

Excerpt taken from The Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After (Revell Books). Christmas is coming…Get your copy at Amazon or BarnesAndNoble.com for the young woman in your life.

Dr. Gary Holloway is guest writing for The Journey Bible Project Blog.

Bethany Jett

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