Parenting Aliens: Who made God?


Parenting Aliens: Who made God?

Starting September 19, 2018, I will be leading a two-times monthly high value conversation with and for parents of middle schoolers (and any other parents who want to attend) during the “Alien Youth” activities of JYG.

Click the image or button below for information. We’d love for you to attend. During this season of discussing parenting, I’ll be posting stories about parenting to our blog. Pass them on to people you love who you think will benefit from these important words about parenting, those who need to be encouraged in their parenting.

As a bonus to this blog post, thanks to Latin American Media Outreach, The Journey is also offering this blog post in audio form, in Spanish! The English translation is below the audio player. Enjoy listening to this 4 minute story about Jacob asking who made God and Greg’s prayer for his children based on that question.

When my son, Jacob, was very young he was perplexed one day. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “Dad, I just can’t figure out. Who made God?

Dear Jacob,

Who made God?

Great question. And I’ll answer with a question. If someone made God, who would have made that creator? Who would have made that God?

Our human minds can’t fathom, can’t understand these deep mysteries of life. We can’t see God but we know He exists because of what he made, because of how he revealed himself to his people Israel, how his own self was made flesh in Jesus Christ. God became a man and dwelled among us. John 1:14 says this. So if you want to understand God, look at Jesus. 

The most important thing is that you learn to know God. Each night I ask you, “What’s the most important thing on earth?” and you say, “Knowing God.”

Prayer to God for you, Jacob, and your sisters

Dear God,
You are the great Father of the fathers. You are the one in whom every father becomes a child. Teach me how to love and raise my children. For my children are walking by my side as I walk with you—may they also take your hand. My deep desire for my children is that they know you, that you will draw them near to your side . . . and they will come to you humbly seeking your face. Give them faith, Father, and lead them when it is time for them to take the plunge of faith, to be baptized with Jesus in the depths. And all their days on earth, may they find new life in you and when their days on earth are finished, Father, raise them up! Until then, you’ve given me the responsibility to raise them up. Give me courage to raise them in your love and light.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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