As I flipped through the pages of a daily devotional called, GRACE FOR THE MOMENT: Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year by Max Lucado given to me about three years ago by three wonderful Journey Kids (see image below), I thought to myself, I need one I can relate to and apply in my life and at the same time share it through a blog.


Obviously, if I am flipping the pages, that means I have missed a couple (more than a couple maybe), and as I read the title on every page, I started dreading the idea. Finally, I saw a title of a devotional that eased my anxious spirit and gave me peace. The title was, “In the Eye of the Storm.” My first thought was, I LOVE the song titled the same by Ryan Stevenson, video below.

Here is the devotional by Max Lucado, “In the Eye of the Storm”

We do not make request of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.

Daniel 9:18 NIV

We prefer to get salvation the old-fashioned way: We earn it. To accept grace is to admit failure, a step we are hesitant to take. We opt to impress God with how good we are rather than confessing how great He is . . . Think that God will smile on our efforts? He doesn’t. God’s smile is not for the healthy hiker who boasts that he made the journey alone. It is, instead, for the crippled leper who begs God for a back on which to ride.

How many times have I thought I have done or accomplished something because of my own efforts? I don’t even know, but countless I’m sure. This is a great reminder that I am God dependent, God loved and that He wants me to come to Him when it feels like I am lost in the eye of the storm, and also when it feels situations couldn’t go better. It comforts me to know that no matter what, I have a back on which to ride. I give him thanks for my life and I pray that when those good times come, to reflect and give glory and honor to where it is due. Naturally, when I’m in the eye of the storm, I tend to lean closer, to pray more, to impress God - but His love surrounds me regardless.

God loves you and desires you, just how you are right this moment.

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