Mile Markers for a Journey Family


Mile Markers for a Journey Family

West Family!

This Fall has been a big time of ‘mile markers’ for the West family.


This September marked 10 years of living in Tulsa and with this church family; 16 years of marriage; and 20 years since I re-committed to walking with the Lord.

This marker in our lives brought me to reflective tears several times.

My one and only interaction with the church of Christ 20 years ago was quite negative. To see now that I’ve called a church of Christ home for the past 10 years is a bit ironic to me.

This church family welcomed us with open arms 10 years ago and has taught us so much about welcoming all people. I’m not sure I’ll ever again meet people so consistently gracious or generous.

You have fed us, employed us, taught us, moved our belongings, sent us to far off countries, discreetly placed folded up checks and cash in our hands, and welcomed our two children as if they were your own children and grandchildren. We have laughed with you and rejoiced as we saw God answer prayers, both seemingly small and outrageous. We have mourned deeply together. And we have learned how to remember those who have moved on and cling to the impressions they left with us about how to love each other and our faithful Father more deeply.

Thank you for being our family,

Love Beth, Ben, Abraham, and Eden

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