"MISSION PREDISAN," we are praying for you!

"MISSION PREDISAN," we are praying for you!


On August of 2017, The Journey Church “Honduras Team” packed their bags and made a trip to Mission Predisan in Honduras. Many Journeyers had met Dra. Madrid and were eager to learn more about the wonderful work and blessing this mission is to many.

The team visited a community in Catacamas called “Bacadillas”, we were beyond blessed to see how kind and selfless the people of this community are. We learned so much from them, and we want them to know that their care and love, kindness, humility and hard working example had a great impact in each one of our lives.

The Journey “Honduras Team” is thankful for the opportunity given, we saw God’s hand at work. It is incredible to know the number of people this mission blesses on a daily basis. They change lives and we, as The Journey Church (and Tulsa Christian Foundation) feel privileged to be partners with this mission.


On our return, one of the questions that came to our minds was, WHAT’S NEXT? We went, we saw, we met, and now what? Are we going to forget about it? We decided that was not going to be the case for our team. Therefore, we saw fit to have regular meetings to keep the relationship, to remember the experience, to tell others about the Mission and get updates on recent developments in the country that will affect the clinic, to get updates on the Bacadillas project, but most importantly the main purpose is to PRAY for Mission Predisan, in any way and every way. We pray for the Board, Staff and especially Dra. Amanda Madrid. Dra. Amanda is part of the prayer team of Jo Morton’s Bible Study at The Journey. We want her and everyone else to know that we have not forgotten them, they are constantly on our minds and that we, as a Team are praying for her and everyone else. Our Honduran Team met last week and dedicated part of this time to lift you up in prayer.

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Janice Harris

Janice is a member of The Journey and a former missionary to Honduras, Central America. She presently serves on the Mission Committee and facilitates various classes on communication techniques.  She is a Field Traumatologist and frequently joins a team of professionals who counsel trauma victims in man-made and natural disaster settings.

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