We can’t be more grateful you have chosen to serve in this ministry and make an impact in the youngest lives. You selflessly have chosen to give up your precious time to engage with them every Sunday, allowing parents to enjoy and grow in their faith as they attend class and service.

You as a volunteer teach these kids that church is fun and that’s what we do during the first hour, we engage with them, play with them, allowing both volunteers and kids to create and strengthen relationships not only with each other but most importantly with God. We love to see that each week you greet the children with love and care, through smiles, hugs as well as welcoming their creativity. Each child is unique and special to us and we love them all dearly. We know this may not be easy at times but you as a volunteer model God’s unconditional love and acceptance. Children’s understanding of God comes largely from their experiences at church, the songs, the stories, the bible verses, and personal relationships.  All these shows God’s love and it becomes real as they experience your patience, compassion and understanding.

If we did not have YOU in this ministry, we would probably have no kids. Children are a gift from God, and it is our responsibility to love, cherish them and lead them in their walk with God. They bring joy and are a blessing into our church family. We enjoy their laughter as they walk to their bible study rooms, we enjoy watching them grow up and seeing them become young men and women, and we delight in the blessings of their lively presence. All these happens because there is a team behind it.

The children are the present of our church and you are helping them grow in their relationship with God, you are helping them experience the joy of community, and helping them learn that they are an important part of our church family. It is very rewarding to see them grow in their faith and become lifelong followers of Jesus.

Remember that, as you love and interact with our children each Sunday, you are also influencing generations to come. They may not remember everything you taught them, but they will remember how you treated them, with respect!

Thank you for giving so generously of your time and gifts to bless our children and their families.

Well done good and faithful servants!

“Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” —Thessalonians 5:11

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