Journey Youth Group Needs You Sunday Nights!


Journey Youth Group Needs You Sunday Nights!

Sunday night JYG small groups are coming this Fall!

Teens need adult friends to walk alongside them. That’s why teachers are important in school, that’s why mentors and teachers are important in church. Teens need you as an adult with a heart for teenagers needing that encouragement and direction in their lives.

So, The Journey Youth Group (JYG) needs you! We need your willingness to walk alongside our teens on Sunday nights. Please read through the four opportunities we are providing and fill out the form below! Thank you so much for your interest in serving JYG! We are praying for the right volunteers to serve our teens and their families.

What do praying servants do?

Before anything else, the most important partnership we need is for you to call upon the name of the Lord on behalf of Journey teens and teens who need to come be part of JYG. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have as Christians, do you agree? We need servants praying for our teens and all those who are serving in the Youth Ministry. You will also receive prayer requests through email that our Youth Group is asking.

What do Small Group Leaders do?

We need leaders for both middle school and high school groups. As a small group leader, you will lead a discussion with your group about our Sunday night devotional or certain topics that we want to cover. We want volunteers who want to connect and be positive Christian influences on our teens.

Our JYG goal is to encourage Journey teens to seek God’s direction for their lives and help them find that path and take next steps. This is not for promoting our own political views or sharing our current struggles with teens. We will share our testimonies and past experiences in a mature and age appropriate way when it is necessary. We want to unify and help build the relationships of our teens and Jesus.

We would love to have 2-4 leaders for each group. That will allow some flexibility if there are weeks one of you can’t be there.

What do hosts do?

If your house is teen friendly and hospitality is your gift, this is for you! Host our small group at your house. We would love to have our teens in the houses of our members that truly live out their faith. Please consider this opportunity if you’d like to serve.

What do meal servers do?

Teens (and those serving teens!) love to eat. So we need people to help make, bring, and serve food! This is another great opportunity to serve our teens and their families. Convince your Sunday Morning Bible Study or close friends and come hangout with our teens. We would love to have a meal at all our small group times to help get the conversations started and help everyone get comfortable.

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