Movie Night was Journey's First Partnership with East Central Village

Movie Night was Journey's First Partnership with East Central Village

Neighbor Time with East Central Village


How is this partnership set up?

Greg Taylor has met with the East Central Village Resident Association and communicated two important things from The Journey. First, we want to do good with you and not for you or to you! Second, we want to do what you want as a community, not just something our church thinks is good.

So the kinds of events, decisions about those events, and partnering together to plan and serve in the events is a joint effort between East Central Village Residents Association, with direction for these events by Tiffany Isaac, and The Journey.

The residents brought sodas, chips, a movie to watch, and The Journey brought hot dogs, popcorn, movie equipment, and we had a great time getting to know each other.

Weather was perfect, not too hot, and we sat out on the lawn on blankets and chairs and let the kids talk in the microphone, sing songs, make shadow puppets on the screen, all while everyone fed on hot dogs prepared by the Deavenport family. The Hayes family set up movie screen and projector, and the Suttons and Davises picking up extra food and service items. Shepherd Mark Rushmore and others like the Fields Brothers made new friends with residents.

More than 60 East Central Village residents came out to have fun and get to know 30 Journey Members!

Greg asked Tiffany Isaac, “What’s next?” Tiffany said residents have difficulty affording school uniforms and supplies. So she is planning to go business to business, asking for donations to help. Greg told Tiffany that the August event can be Journey helping to bring school uniforms. Jill Taylor said many places help with school supplies and backpacks, but few organizations help with uniforms, and that is something The Journey members can help with. Watch for more information about how we are collecting uniforms.


Bartola Kuruvilla

Bartola is the Children’s Minister and is married to Thomas (TJ) Kuruvilla. They are current foster parents of a wonderful 5 year old boy. They love serving within the church and outside of it as opportunities present themselves. Being an adopted kid herself, Bartola has a heart for missions and grew up as the result of Mission Predisan in Honduras. As a Loving Wife, Mom, and Children’s Minister: she is astonished to see how God’s hand has worked in her life.

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