Journey Kids January Recap

Journey Kids January Recap

I am sharing with you a recap of what happened in the children’s classes for the month of January. This month in the Pre-K bible study we learned about Daniel. He and his friends showed us that it is possible to go Gods way even when it seems that everybody else is going the other way. God always honors those who honor Him. Through Daniels ability of dream interpretations, king NEBBI admitted that Daniels God was the true God and Lord of kings. But, knowing God was not enough, NEBBI needed to submit to his power. NEBBI boasted about his power and the greatness of his city (Babylon), and a voice from heaven declared, “….you shall live with the beasts of the field for seven years”. NEBBI had to humble himself before God before he could be saved from his sins and have fellowship with God. On February 3rd, we learned about “The Handwriting on the Wall” - Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Daniel 5:25-28). We have one more lesson from this series ( Daniel in the Lion’s Den).

With the elementary kids, we are learning from “Telling God’s Story” year two.

On Sunday the 27th, we celebrated birthdays. Happy Birthday to all kids and Volunteers who started the year receiving the gift of life. We are thankful for The Journey Kids and their spiritual growth. We pray that God may give us all wisdom in walking these children in truth.

Please follow up with your child on what is being learned every Sunday.

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