This is a Poem about trusting God, through your pain and believing in a plan greater than your imagination.


“God I Trust you with this Life I live, recognizing all the Places in my life where the Love Displayed is what you freely give, Yes I Trust You with my all and everything, from my heart, because without you it's hard to maintain the pain behind the emotions that I've displayed in the dark places that need your light and sometimes leave a scar, you can have them all, please take my attitude, make me, shape me, mold me, shake me to awake me, when I'm wrong your right, like a song that fits my situation just then, I lift my face because although sometimes I would pretend, you'd pull me out of the mess I'm in, I'm lifted by your Grace that's Truly amazing as it overshadows all the places that my downcast countenance would bring me to, without you I fall, with you from the ashes I rise!”


Ollisha Warren

Ollisha is an active member of The Journey Church, She co-leads the womens Bible study. She has 5 children, a loving husband and she is passionate about sharing God's word with others that may need a little encouragement in an area she has struggled in before. She loves God and everything he's doing in her life, although the road may not be easy all the time, God is Good nonetheless! 

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