A year a go in November I was serving as an Intern at the Journey Church, this was an incredible experience for me as I not only met welcoming and loving people but learned a lot from Lisa C. CFO, who taught me new tools in the area of finances. A lot of what I learned has been implemented at my work place.

As part of this experience, I was privileged to attend their Annual Prayer Retreat at New Life Ranch. It was an incredible time, truly a blessing to be able to share with wonderful brothers and sisters who love the Lord.

Bryan Suderman, shared a conference where he mentioned we need to be "Detectives of Divinity" because God is up to something in our lives.

This thought really struck me because that is faith -being expectant of what the Lord is going to do in your life. A memorable time was going up the hill where I could see the beauty of this place (I just loved the different colors of the trees) and being able to praise the Lord there and have communion. 


All the activities were really fun but I would say one of my favorites was riffle shooting, I had never done it before :-) and I enjoyed it. During the meals, I had a chance to share with different people which was an opportunity to get to know some people I have not had a chance to meet. 

I am grateful with everyone who helped make the two weeks I spent in Tulsa, memorable! I will cherish them always. I not only had a good time, I had a BLAST!


Martha Rivera

Martha was born and raised in Honduras, mother of 4 children, married to Renan Hernandez. Martha has worked for PREDISAN for 22 years in different positions in the administrative area. Since 2016 to current date, she has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer.

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