Source: Public Domain

Source: Public Domain

God made all of creation and calls it "good," and humans he calls "very good." God creates and reigns as king over creation, yet God also comes down and walks with humans in intimate dialogue. The Fall is the beginning of human sin, rejecting the intimacy of God, distancing ourselves from God, and choosing self-rule rather than God's rule.

The story of humans that we are made from earth animated by God’s holy breath, and events in Genesis 3 change man from a garden dweller to a farmer who lives outside of paradise. God tells Adam and Eve to eat anything but the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and Satan tells Eve and Adam the promise of death if they break God’s command is a lie.

Adam and Eve eat the fruit, hide from God, and when God finds them, He asks “Why were you hiding?” Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the snake, and passing the buck blaming is invented. God curses the snake, Eve, and Adam, and banishes them from the garden. The real curse is death, that man will be returned to dust.

Adam can be translated "man from dirt." So God pronounces the curse: “You are dirt, and you will return to the dirt.” (Genesis 3:19)

One Sunday in the summer of 2017, The Journey took markers and posters and wrote names and descriptions of God as we listened to Genesis 2 and 3. In the previous post I listed some of my observations from reading Genesis 2. Here are a few more observations about God from reading Genesis 3.

  • God is a hiker.
  • God is a questioner.
  • God is a curser.
  • God expels people from eternity of enmity.
  • God is a hostility planter.
  • God is a pain giver.
  • God is a ground condemner.
  • God is a work giver.
  • God is a clothier.
  • God returns people to dust.

A big part of what makes the Fall "The Fall of Humanity" is attempting to place God in a box and ruling ourselves, not trusting what God says or believing He is who He has shown Himself to be. We eat the fruit of the knowledge of what we believe good and evil is about, rather than obeying God as He is revealed.


Adonay (Lord), help us remember that we are dust. And in the words of a song, “It’s dust to dust until we learn how to trust God and not Satan.”


Read Genesis 3 to see for yourself, but -- like it or not -- these are some of the actions and characteristics of God. A very important principle as we read scripture is that we take scripture on its own terms and God on His own terms, rather than making God in our image or as we wish Him to be, ignoring the parts of God as we do not wish Him to be.


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Greg Taylor preaches for The Journey. Greg's wife, Jill, teaches math at Broken Arrow High School and Tulsa Community College. Greg and Jill have three adult children, Ashley, Anna, and Jacob. Greg is the author of many books, including his latest co-authored with Randy Harris, Daring Faith: Meeting Jesus in the Book of John.




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