Journey-East Central Village Back to School Party

Journey-East Central Village Back to School Party

The Journey and East Central Village Residents Association plan a Big Back to School Party!

The goal of the event is to help students at East Central Village flourish in school by having what they need to get a great start.

At the movie event last month, leaders at East Central Village and Greg Taylor discussed partnering with the Resident Association to be sure all the children have uniforms, shoes, and other supplies needed for school. Many churches and organizations provide backpacks and school supplies but few help with shoes and uniforms, so that is what The Journey will focus on.

Right now we do not have the specific date of the event but we are praying about direction and how to make this the best event for the families, and how to come alongside and not just drop stuff people don’t really need.

If you would like to join in buying clothes, shoes, or planning, please fill the form below.

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