Does This Look Like the Face of the Abused?

Does This Look Like the Face of the Abused?


Does this look like the face of a woman who has been sexually abused? Maybe you don’t see it. Maybe you only see the genuine smile she has on her face and joy behind her eyes. He couldn’t take that away from her, and she is certainly not surrendering it now for your benefit. Maybe you look at her and think her life has always been a piece of cake. Maybe you think that there is no way she could have been through such unspeakable traumas that fill her with so much shame that she never wants to tell anyone the extent of what was done to her. Maybe you think she is an isolated case. That she is an exception to the rule and that what happened to her happened was a fluke.

It has taken her a long time to come to terms with what was done to her. First, she wanted to pretend like it didn’t happen, like it was not as serious as it was. This was because she didn’t think she could handle the pain of it being real. Then she was buried in shame thinking she was at fault. It wasn’t her fault. Now as she has worked through lots of tears and therapy sessions she can see that she was robbed of something. She was wronged and it was never okay.

She didn’t report for lots of reasons. Reporting at the time would require admitting it happened, and admitting it happened would mean she would have to do something with the pain. She sees how her own friends and extended family have responded to women who have reported and doesn’t want to be abused all over again. She doesn’t have any proof and she never will.

This is the face of a woman who has found strength in her Father above. She has found joy unspeakable that can’t be robbed from her. She has a light inside of her that no amount of darkness can extinguish. She has found compassion for others who have faced stories of their own. She has found the strength to stand up for herself even when her culture won’t stand with her. And she has found a community of precious souls who will stand along side her until the end.

And this, this is that woman who has been abused in so many ways holding her precious child who she is fighting with all she has to protect from a similar fate.

I did not want to write this. This is not something I enjoy sharing. But in an effort to protect my girl from the world she is growing up in, I can’t stay silent. Regardless of your political opinion or who you believe, the issue of sexual abuse must be taken seriously. There are so many other faces out there that have stories like mine. Please watch what you are saying, sharing, and liking on social media because they are listening.

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Lexi Lamb

Lexi is a single mom to a bright three year old. She loves taking her daughter on adventures all over the country! Lexi is in grad school studying Marriage and Family Therapy and loves learning tools she can use to help people become the best versions of themselves! 

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