Baby Blessing II Pictures

Baby Blessing II Pictures


"Sons and daughters are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3.

As believers we are called to recognize that children belong first and foremost to God, and that they are a gift from Him to their parents. Parents not only have the responsibility of caring for this gift, but also the privilege of enjoying the gift.

Read what the parents said about each child.

Sophia Romero Luna, age 4. “Sophia means Wisdom, she is our little doctor and says she wants to heal the hearts of other people. She is a sweet and very smart girl, sometimes even has corrected us of some mistake and leaves us surprised, loves to play all day with Zoe, together they do many activities such as painting, singing and dancing. She always sings “made-up” songs. One of the made up songs is “I LOVE MY FAMILY, MY PAPI AND MY MAMI ARE THE BEST OF THE WORLD, she has a noble heart.”

Zoe Romero Luna, age 3. “Zoe means Life, she is a strong character girl, but with a big heart, she likes to sing and make drawings, she is a fast learner, she loves to play with Sophia and to give kisses and hugs to Naomi, she follows in Sophia's footsteps. She cannot play by herself, it makes her feel sad when Sophia is not at her side. They are like two kindred souls. They both take care of each other. She loves Sophia and Naomi too, as well as her other older brothers.”

Naomi Romero Luna. 4 months. “Naomi means Sweetness, she is very smart and smiley baby. She likes to play with mom and likes for daddy to carry her, she likes to sleep in mommy's arms and feels comfy and safe. She is happy when she sees Sophia, Zoe and Aeleen, also her other older brothers. Naomi is an enchanting baby, she has a beautiful smile and is the spoiled one.”


Bartola Kuruvilla

Bartola is the Children’s Minister and is married to Thomas (TJ) Kuruvilla. They are current foster parents of a wonderful 5 year old boy. They love serving within the church and outside of it as opportunities present themselves. Being an adopted kid herself, Bartola has a heart for missions and grew up as the result of Mission Predisan in Honduras. As a Loving Wife, Mom, and Children’s Minister: she is astonished to see how God’s hand has worked in her life.

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