Writing a blog about 1 Kings seems kind of lame after you finish reading the first chapters. Because, after reading how Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam turned their backs on God, all the following chapters read the same.

Starting with Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam, the same phrase applies to both the kings of Judah, and Israel," He did what was evil in the sight of God.”

All of them, except a few kings in Judah.

One of the kings, Asa, it was said, "did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, as David his father had done.”

Asa put away everything that had to do with worshipping false gods and idols, except the high places. He even put away his own mother. He tore down all the idols and things that she was worshipping, and even had her removed from being queen. His heart belonged to God, and he put the votive gifts of silver, gold, and vessels into the temple of God.

Granted, instead of going to God when Baasha threatened Judah, God still allowed him to reign by causing Asa to be able to bribe an ally of Baasha's, which made him back off from attacking Asa and Judah.

I believe Asa needs to be lifted up as an example, because he was one of the kings of Judah who didn't turn his back on God. He was even willing to go against his own mother.

King Asa: So What?

"So?" you may ask. What does that have to do with us?

How many of us have denied family or friends in order to follow Jesus? I grew up "in the church.” Maybe you did, maybe you did not. Some people have had to choose following Jesus, over staying with their families. We need to be the family of people who have made this decision and have faced such a struggle of losing family.

What does it look like to support people who lose family because they have followed Jesus? When we meet people who have had to make that decision, we need to be present with them. They lose contact at holidays, so inviting them into your home is important.

At Oklahoma Christian, I knew a student from Japan. She told me how her parents threatened to disown her, because she became a Christian. At the time, I did not understand or know what she was going through. I am now more aware of the kind of struggle she faced, and by being aware, I can listen, support, pray for and with people who are facing this kind of persecution because of their faith in Jesus.

The Journey congregation has become a missionary church

The Journey supports missionaries in more than a dozen countries. You can see more about Journey’s mission support here. The Journey supports more missionaries with more financial and missionary care than the church has ever in its fifty year history. We are all happy about this, and we work hard to train, develop, send, support, and care for missionaries among people groups where people are far from God.

Your donations to The Journey helps provide a support base for those who missionaries reach and who follow Jesus. The Journey congregation has become a missionary church! We also help those who believe in Jesus in non-monetary ways. Already this year we have visited or will visit with six different mission points in the world, places like Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, and Uganda.

Like Asa, some have had to give up their family and friends to follow Jesus. We need to be their new family and friends.

Chris W. Dial

Chris W. Dial

Chris W. Dial was born in Miami, Oklahoma but grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the Church of Christ. He graduated in 1981 from Oklahoma Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bible. He attends Journey Church of Christ and works for the Tulsa County Court Clerk's Office in the Records Department.

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