The Journey Bible Project guides you on a path through the Bible in order to take next steps with Jesus.


Welcome to The Journey Bible Project!

How are you navigating today’s confusing world? The Journey Bible Project is designed as a guide for turbulent times. We all need God’s voice in our lives more than competing voices.

With lots of help from our network of men and women preachers, teachers, and writers, I’ll be your guide on an adventure through the Bible. God changes lives, one chapter, one step at a time. I believe God will equip you to change the world in redeeming ways as we learn together.

God bless you and guide you daily,

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Watch Sermons and Worship

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Listen to Sermons

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Join Bible Studies for All Ages

Each Sunday we gather to read the Bible for life change in age groups from preschool to adult.

Join us at 9:30-10:30 am for this important weekly community Bible study.




Lip Service

In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Greg Taylor uncovers the ancient origins of the phrase, “give lip service.”

Why does Greg Taylor read Isaiah 25 at funerals?

Greg Taylor reads Isaiah 25 at funerals. Learn more about this text in today’s Journey Bible Project blog.

Did Isaiah Strip to His Underwear to Preach?

In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Greg Taylor “uncovers” a mystery about Isaiah preaching in his skivvies.

God Bless All Nations

Is it better to say “God bless America” or “God bless all nations”? Greg Taylor discusses this after reading a very important text in Isaiah 19 about how God feels about nations other than Israel.

Journey Kids May-June Pictures

I am sharing with you some wonderful pictures of The Journey Kids. Enjoy them, and please keep these wonderful group in prayers.

A Few Good Men in Judah

Read in today’s Journey Bible Project blog about one of the few good kings among the many bad kings in Israel and Judah. Chris Dial tells about the life and times of Asa and then makes important applications to our lives today.

Clarence Davis calls on The Journey to send Bibles into an Oklahoma prison


A Call To Give

Last Sunday, July 7th 2019, Clarence Davis shared with our church during “Family Time” that his son who is currently in prison wants to share the Good News of Jesus with other inmates, and as part of that he needs Bibles. So we took up a special offering and received around $650! This, along with some other funds from Journey will buy about 65 Bibles. They’ve requested the Celebrate Recovery Study Bibles, as they will help these men and women to deal with their “hurts, habits, and hangups” as they are able to work through the CR curriculum. If you’d still like to give to this cause, click here.

Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated on Sunday to help Clarence Davis buy Celebrate Recovery Study Bibles for his son who is ministering to others while in prison. What a beautiful testimony! May God bless these Bibles, and all those that use them. Watch this video below to hear what Clarence had to say about all of this!

Journey Youth Group Needs You Sunday Nights!

Sunday night JYG small groups are coming this Fall! What we need is a few individuals that will be willing to commit to walking alongside our teens on Sunday nights.

“If you don’t lean on me, I can’t support you!" (Isaiah 7-11)

Listen to Ollisha Warren read from Isaiah 7-11 then listen to Greg Taylor’s sermon about these famous Messianic texts and their historical background.

Journey Kids Summer Fun Pictures

Thank you for hanging out with this fun group of parents and kids.

See Journey Annual Picnic Pictures!

Take a look at all the fun that was had at The Journey Annual Picnic 2019!

Isaiah 7-8

Learn the historical background of some of the messianic texts in Isaiah, starting here with Isaiah 7.

Greg Taylor's Sermon "From Woe to Whoa!" (Isaiah 5-6)

Hear Greg Taylor’s recent sermon. Spenser Bolte reads Isaiah 5-6 and Greg preaches from this text in a sermon titled, “From Woe to Whoa!”


Come and invite your friends! We are very pleased to welcome and host Deb and Jack Dorman, who will be leading us in worship at The Journey Sunday, June 30, 2019.


In the Journey Bible Project we’ve walked through the pages of the Bible. Now let’s walk he lands we read about!

Do you know what your children are learning in church?

Learn how your child is growing in the elementary class while at The Journey!

Five Keys to Reading Prophecy Contextually

Greg Taylor shares five keys from some of the best scholars of scripture in how to read the Bible contextually.

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