The Journey Bible Project guides you on a path through the Bible in order to take next steps with Jesus.


Welcome to The Journey Bible Project!

How are you navigating today’s confusing world? The Journey Bible Project is designed as a guide for turbulent times. We all need God’s voice in our lives more than competing voices.

With lots of help from our network of men and women preachers, teachers, and writers, I’ll be your guide on an adventure through the Bible. God changes lives, one chapter, one step at a time. I believe God will equip you to change the world in redeeming ways as we learn together.

God bless you and guide you daily,

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Watch Sermons and Worship

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Listen to Sermons

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor asks each Sunday, “Care for some good news for a change?” The message of Jesus changes our lives, and we believe it will change yours, too.


Join Bible Studies for All Ages

Each Sunday we gather to read the Bible for life change in age groups from preschool to adult.

Join us at 9:30-10:30 am for this important weekly community Bible study.




Keith Green's Prodigal Son Suite

Some of you have asked about the video Greg Taylor played in worship Sunday, February 17, 2019. Here is the video by Dean Bauman set to the music of Keith Green’s “Prodigal Son Suite.”

"Prodigals" Part 1: The Younger Son February 17, 2019

Greg Taylor invites you to come with friends in tow Sunday, February 17, 2019 when he plays a music video about the greatest parable Jesus ever told. Share this one minute video with friends on social media. Read today’s Bible Project blog and share with your family and friends.

Luke 14: How to party like Jesus

Want to learn how to party like Jesus? Luke 14 has some great tips for throwing parties and how to be a good guest when you attend parties! See you Sunday and come with friends in tow!

Luke 12: Interpreting the "Age of Man"

What are the skills that we need to interpret these chaotic times in 2019? In today’s Journey Bible Project Blog, Journey Preacher Greg Taylor leads us through Luke 12 where Jesus shows us face our fears and tap into the power of the living Christ for wisdom to live today.

Jan 2019 Journey Cafe Recap & Pics: 3 Year Anniversary / Vision Celebration

Here’s to the next 3 years and beyond!

Scroll to the bottom for slideshow of pics from the event! This time, three years ago, our church family was going through many changes, physically and emotionally, as we had just become The Journey and were transitioning in many other ways. Today, we have seen God’s handiwork in our lives, and He has strengthened us through the difficult times as a congregation. For that very reason came together with thankful hearts to celebrate our accomplishments, new vision and future goals as a church. We also presented our 2018 Annual Report / 2019 Calendar which was a huge success! If you haven’t gotten one yet, please contact our office or ask a staff member on Sunday for your copy.


Journey Shepherd, Robert Garland, couldn’t believe how many people came. He showed up a little late and couldn’t hardly find a seat as he went from one room to the next and was astonished that every room and seat was filled! That’s a good “problem” to have! We praise God for this turn out, and are grateful to everyone that contributed to make this event a great success!

Two of our 3-5 year goals that we were celebrating having accomplished are:

  • SERVE: We help one another transition from serving ourselves to serving like Jesus. By 2020 have 40% of our membership serving in some way.

  • GROW: We are a community taking next steps to grow in our biblical & spiritual discipleship. By 2020 have 60% of our members recorded in PCP as having taken a next step in their discipleship.

Since we’ve accomplished these two goals, although we will continue to work on those areas, we’ve added two new 3-5 year goals:

  • SERVE: By end of 2021, we have sustained giving - offering covers expenses.

  • GROW: By end of 2021, membership grows to 300.

We also have two other goals that we have not yet reached, but are still working on diligently:

  • CONNECT: By end of 2020, have 250 average attendance (not membership) at Sunday morning worship service. Members love to invite to Journey worship/events!

  • GO: By end of 2020, train, support, and send 100 long term missionaries.


Cory Legg

Cory is our worship minister. He and his lovely wife Hannah have 3 beautiful kids, Margo, Solomon and Juniper. They have a heart for foster care and adoption. Cory has a passion for music and how it connects to God's heart. He enjoys running marathons and being out in nature.

Part 1: Border Images

A house in Tucson with a sign in support of humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the desert into the United States. “Humanitarian aid is never a crime,” the sign says. Photo by Jennifer Solis.

Luke 11: "The Finger of God"

One verse in Luke 11 has fascinated and captivated Journey Preacher Greg Taylor for thirty years. Find out what verse and why it’s important in today’s Journey Bible Project Blog. Share it with a friend with the social sharing buttons on the bottom or side of your page.

Luke 10: Go and Do Likewise

To supplement your Bible Project reading on Luke 10, The Journey is providing these two sermons on video about the Good Samaritan titled, “Who is My Neighbor?” and “Go and Do Likewise.”

Journey Kids January Recap

I am sharing with you some wonderful pictures of The Journey Kids that were taken in the month of January.

The Journey Minute Feb. 7th, 2019

The Journey Minute is a quick update of what’s going on at The Journey

A Conversation With Dr. Amanda Madrid

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Amanda Madrid about Predisan and the partnership between The Journey and Predisan.

The Fight For Justice in Zimbabwe

Resilience and Perseverance are characteristics that best describe the people of Zimbabwe, please join us in continual prayer for the people of Zimbabwe and for Gods hand of restoration on the land of Zimbabwe and for His justice to prevail in a place that has not seen justice in many years.

Luke 9-10: A better question than "Who is my neighbor?"

The Good Samaritan is a famous parable of Jesus that appears in Luke in what’s called “The Travel Narrative,” the portion after which Luke says Jesus “set his face resolutely toward Jerusalem.” From this point on Jesus is heading to die in Jerusalem, he knows it, and he’s letting his followers in on the plan. The story of The Good Samaritan is one of the most powerful theological and practical teachings of Jesus.

5 Remarkable Differences of the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6) the Mount (Matthew 5-7)

Maybe you’ve heard of the most famous of Jesus’s teachings, “The Sermon on the Mount,” but what is the what is the “Sermon on the Plain”? Find out in today’s The Journey Bible Project blog, as Greg Taylor explains five remarkable differences between these two tellings of the famous teachings of Jesus.

Luke 5: "Leave Me, Lord, I'm a Sinner"

Why have humans historically pushed God away? In this insightful blog post, Greg Taylor introduces a useful resource for evangelism, the Jesus Film, and shows a clip of the episode in Luke 5 where Peter pushes Jesus away. Watch and listen to the powerful response of Jesus and hear this response for yourself as well when you push Jesus away.

Luke 4: Six clashes Jesus had his first few months on the job

What if you had six major confrontations in your first three months at your new job? You’d probably be fired, even if you were right. When Jesus begins his ministry, he immediately has has six major confrontations with powers of the world. What happens in each and how do they continue to instruct us today?


The Journey mentors preachers, both women and men, and recently Quinn Fields preached on Luke 3. You can listen to the podcast of Quinn’s sermon here.

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