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Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Find Their Rest In You

Before I left for college freshman year, my Dad gave me two words of advice. The first: “You will feel alone sometimes.” And the second: “You need sleep and rest enough.”

Journey Kids Decorated Pumpkins

Thank you Journey Kids for making this so much fun!

Mile Markers for a Journey Family

This church family welcomed us with open arms 10 years ago and has taught us so much about welcoming all people. I’m not sure I’ll ever again meet people so consistently gracious or generous.

Journey Kids September Recap

“I love seeing these children growing, learning and understanding the infinite love that our Father God has for us”.

7 Free Messages on Hebrews: Jesus is Greater

7 messages on Hebrews with the theme, “Jesus is Greater” to share on web and in your church.

A Communion Reflection by Ollisha Warren

Communion is a moment in time where we come together as a family to take part in communing with Jesus as we remember the Last Supper and his sacrifice. Journey member Ollisha Warren reflects on what communion means to The Journey and to her as a member of the body of Christ.

Shoes for our Community

This was a great event that we had at East Central Village! Providing shoes for the kids in our community! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!

The partnership between The Journey and East Central Village has created opportunities for both communities to partake in moments of joy, laughter, and even crying together. The relationships that are being made are very genuine forms of unity that cross all boundaries. We pray together and encourage each other to continue to focus on Jesus and be a light in our communities.

Join the Journey Potluck - Pictures

Eighty Journeyers celebrated our newest members to our church family. We ask for God’s wisdom and direction as we walk this path together!

Survey about what you'd like to learn in 2020

Give your opinion. Take this survey about how you’d like to grow and what you’d like to learn in 2020.

5 Reasons Not to Attend Church This Sunday

The Journey preacher Greg Taylor gives you five reasons not to attend church this Sunday.

Journey Kids August Recap

“I love seeing these children growing, learning and understanding the infinite love that our Father God has for us”.

I Am Judas (Communion Thoughts)

When I look at the Bible and read the scriptures, I see bones. I see the structure that was left centuries before, it may seem a little bare and left open but the facts are there. However, as I read these passages in my mind they come to life...

Sally Gary Preaching Sep 8

Come Sunday Sep 8 with friends in tow to hear Sally Gary preach at The Journey. Sally is with CenterPeace in Dallas, Texas.

Photos of Graduate Celebration and Potluck

Ninety Journeyers celebrated graduations and milestones Sunday! We are proud of you all, graduates! We ask for God’s wisdom as you start climbing the next mountain!


A new Sunday series begins September 1, 2019! Come Sunday 10:40 am with friends in tow! Watch this introduction video on the Letter to the Hebrews by The Bible Project Team.

7 Must Have Truths from Isaiah To Share With Your Friends

Greg Taylor has been studying Isaiah for twenty years, and here are seven truths and seven audio sermons from the famous prophet you can share with friends today.

The Journey Preacher Greg Taylor records for World Christian Broadcasting

Greg Taylor will be traveling again this year to record in studio with World Christian Broadcasting, which sends shortwave radio broadcasts of gospel messages all around the world.

Journey Kids July Recap

“I love seeing these children growing, learning and understanding the infinite love that our Father God has for us”.


Lexi Johnson and Spenser Bolte preach at The Journey about the important difference between guilt and shame. Guilt leads to conviction, and shame leads to isolation. Listen to this powerful tag team sermon from two Journeyers who are also counselors.

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