Give to change lives in East Tulsa and the world.

The Journey supports missionaries in many countries and is faithful to a fifty year mission in East Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this video, Clarence Davis tells about one of the offerings that is changing lives now. You can join The Journey members and friends who give online and change lives.

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“I love the atmosphere at The Journey. People are very friendly and welcoming. I am thankful to be able to talk to Pastor Greg freely. He is always open to visit with you and support you in any way needed. The Journey is different.”
Hipolito Romero


Connect with friends in real life.

My name is Veronica Montoya, Guest Relations Director for The Journey. I’m here to help you connect with people like you and different from you in life changing community.

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Will you support life change?

Your giving changes lives all around the world. The Journey supports missions in more than a dozen countries. The Journey continues a fifty year mission to East Tulsa, where we minister to people from many nations and walks of life.


Serve in five big ways at The Journey.

I’m Nate Donley, and I want to join you in helping change the world through serving others.

Nate Donley and Greg Taylor serve in the community with The Journey: A New Generation Church of Christ.

You’ve found a church with financial transparency.

We believe transparency in a church is important to you. Financial transparency and accountability is also important to us.


Go change the world!

My name is Bartola Kuruvilla and I minister to children and I’m a missionary. Find out how you can be part of The Journey vision to equip and send 100 full-time missionaries in five years.

Bartola Kuruvilla is the Journey Kids Minister of The Journey: A New Generation Church of Christ.
Nyasha Peters serves as administrative assistant for The Journey: A New Generation Church of Christ.

We have time for you.

I’m Nyasha Peters, and I’m the voice you’ll hear on the phone and will respond to your email.



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