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Welcome Team



7:30-8:30 am    

  • Security and signage team arrives to unlock, place signage

  • Welcome Staff arrives for worship sound check, preacher sound check, check of all areas/rest rooms, coffee set up, classroom prep

9:00-9:20 am

  • Fellowship time (coffee available in the cafe)

  • Welcome Desk is staffed

9:30-10:20 am    

  • Class for youth and adults, childcare for up to 5th grade


  • Fellowship Time (coffee available in the cafe)

  • Welcome Desk is staffed

10:45 am    

  • Worship

11:00 am (during service)             

  • Kids 1-11 years old (up to 5th grade) released from PAC for kids worship/Bible story

After Service

  • Welcome desk staffed for 15 min., then put back in Storage closet by Closing Team.

  • Communion Cleaned up by Jeff & Clarence

  • Signs taken down by Jeff & Clarence

  • Offering to Collection Box by Counting Team


A designated church staff member will transport items from Outpost to Wright (including bulletins) on Thursdays. There is a monthly rotation. A designated church staff member will also pick up items from the lock box at Wright on Mondays.


Bulletins are printed at the Outpost on Thursdays and a designated staff member will transport them to Wright. Bulletins are put in the storage bin in the Welcome Desk


This is one of our first points of contact for welcoming our guests and members. It should be wheeled out to the lobby by 9am each Sunday by Opening Team (with wheels locked so it doesn’t move around when someone leans on it.) Closing Team returns it to Storage closet by 1pm.

Volunteers will be at the desk from:

  • 9-9:30am (before class),

  • 10:20-10:55am (before Worship)

  • 12-12:15pm (for about 15 min after worship ends).

Contents of Welcome Desk: Current Week’s Bulletins, Promotional Materials (Trifold brochure, Alpha postcards, business cards, Day Camp registrations etc.), Guest Gifts, Attendance Books (Leave one at the desk for guests to fill out) All others to be passed out during the Worship Service, Pens


Our desire is to give each first-time guest a gift. Gifts are stored in the Welcome Desk & will be passed out by the Welcome Desk Volunteer or another greeter that sees they are a first time guest. This is everyone’s responsibility. If you see a new face, greet them & find out if they’ve received their gift.

Gifts are currently maintained by Nyasha Peters. Contact Nyasha at 918-663-3000 or if you see supplies are running low.

Gift Bags include: Current promotional materials (Alpha postcards, trifold brochure, Day Camp registration, etc.) and a Small gift (note pad, journal, book, etc.)



Our desire is for all guests (first-time or returning) to fill out their contact info; and for all members to fill out at least their name, but also any contact info that has changed each week.

They get passed around during Worship, with the goal of being done by the time Greg gets up to start preaching. They will be passed out in the same manner the communion & offering trays are passed.  This way people only have to know to pass things to the person next to them, Ushers will make sure they get from row to row.

Leave one Book at the Welcome Desk for guests (sometimes it is simpler to have a guest fill it out there as we give them a gift, rather than assuming they will fill it out later when the books are passed.)

Once they are collected back, the sheets that have been written on are torn off & put in with the offering in the lock box in the back of the Coffee with Greg/Cry Room. (Don’t forget the one at the Welcome Desk!)


Offering trays are passed out during Family Time to each row. Once collected, it is counted by the Counting Team & placed in a sealed envelope in the lock box. A designated Staff member will go to Wright on Mondays to pick up the contents of the box.


Signs will be stored in the Storage Closet. There is a portfolio bag to use to store the signs & can be carried around as signs are posted.


This is a dedicated room for just The Journey-Wright does not use this room. Things stored in this closet: Coffee Bar supplies, Welcome Desk, Guest Gift supplies, entertaining supplies (paper goods like plates, forks, napkins, etc.) and tablecloths, Signage, General Office Supplies, Children’s Ministry Items


A team of volunteers bakes communion each week & brings it by 9:30am & should take it to the Concessions Room. Clarence & Jeff prepare the communion trays, maintain cleanliness of that corner of the Concessions Room, and transport trays to PAC. A schedule of who is bringing communion is posted in the Concessions Room.