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Bible Teachings


The Shack: Dancing With The Trinity


The Shack: Death Does Not Have The Final Word!


The Shack: Forgiveness

“She forgave her long-ago enemies — the guards, the abusers, the torturer,” Fernandez wrote in a Miami Herald opinion piece. “She simply decided that those people would no longer be permitted to enter her mind and control her feelings. She became free when she chose to move on.”
— USA Today


The Shack: Why Are You Doing This To Me?


The Shack: How Does God See Me?


The Shack: Where is God When I Need Him Most?


The Shack: What Is The Shack?


New Start: New Creation


New Start: Baptism and New Identity


New Start: Baptism and the Red Sea


New Start: Baptism of Saul: Meeting Jesus on the Wrong Road


New Start: Household Baptisms in Philippi and Today


New Start: Baptism of Cornelius


New Start: Baptism of an Ethiopian


New Start: Baptizing Broken Hearts


New Start: Baptism of Jesus


New Beginnings


The King Is Coming


Advent Conspiracy: Love All


Advent Conspiracy: Give More