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Events Registration

This is to walk all staff through the process of setting up an Event Registration through Planning Center: Registrations and The Journey Official Facebook Page.


Basic Information 

- Event Name

- Attendee Name (Put only one, you'll be able to add more later)

- Cost

- Start Date / End Date

- Start Time / End Time


Event Settings Tab

- Event Logo (Use promo material provided)

- Limited Capacity (Have limited space available)

- Event Description (All info attendees need to know)

- Custom Confirmation Email (This will be sent out after an attendee has registered)

- Notification List (Will be sent email about all registrations)

- Support Contact (Gives Attendees someone to contact with any extra questions) 

- Event Managers (Anyone who can edit event page)


Attendee Type Tab

- Attendee Type Name (Ex. Kids, Adults, Whatever describes who is attending the event)

- Cost (What the cost is for that certain attendee)

- Partial Payment (Does price need to be paid all up front)

- Required Info (Address, Phone, Gender, Birthdate)


Add Ons Tab

- Extra Activities available for purchase

- Merchandise on sale

- Anything that is extra during the event description 


Questions Tab

- Any questions needed answered by attendees for the event

- Ex. (Have you attended this event in the past?)

(What do you expect to learn from this event?)


Forms Tab

- Forms help you track paperwork that you need from your attendees, such as liability releases and rental agreements. These forms will be made available for download to your attendees when they register, in confirmation emails, and from reminder emails that you send out.


Discounts Tab

- Discounts let you reduce the cost of your event for your attendees. There are three types of discounts: early bird discounts, group discounts and discount codes.


Scholarship Tab

- Scholarships are funds that an admin can use to apply credits towards an attendee's registration. These are a great way to manage money for an event that has been raised through a fund raiser or donation.


Assignments Tab

- Assignments help you keep track of cabins, classes, buses, teams, or anything else you need to assign your attendees to. Get started by creating your first assignment type.


Facebook Event Page

Creating Facebook events with invitations to Followers

To create an event for Facebook you will need to provide the following information to

  • What is the nature of this event

  • Where will this event be hosted

  • When will this event take place

Once this event has been approved we will take action posting the event on Facebook.