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March 01, 2016

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steve allen quote about psalm 137.jpg

Commonly, and recently as a letter to the editor of the Tulsa World I saw in Feb 12 edition, people say the Bible does not include violence against enemies.

The truth is, there are loads of references to Yahweh killing people who have rejected His ways. Isaiah 34 and 37:36 are two examples. 

My friend, John Barton, speaks in the above audio about a troubling Psalm 137 where the psalmist delights in an enemy's infants being dashed against rocks.

What is our right as followers of Yahweh, followers of Jesus, to be delighted that our enemies fall? I believe hell itself will be a delight in one way: because justice does not get done much in our world, and hell exists if not simply for God's justice to be done to evil doers. Through Isaiah, this justice toward evil doers is strong. God is angry and he will punish evil doers (Isaiah 34:2-3).


John Barton is a great thinker who helps us think through Psalm 137, because ultimately he asks the most important question: "Would Jesus pray Psalm 137?" For the injustices you feel, would you pray Psalm 137? Are your hateful, even murderous, in your thoughts anyway? Could it be better to admit in prayer your hateful, unforgiving thoughts to God and let him deal with them?


Fast from speaking about what you really don't understand. If you don't understand what the Koran says, don't understand what Psalm 137 is saying, then don't talk about it. Listen to those who may have something to say, learn, grow. Refrain from speaking about what you know little about.


Give time. Give time to listen to the above 33 minute audio by my friend, John Barton. You'll have to block out some time to listen to this and even more time to reflect on it.