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February 07, 2016

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Eight centuries before Jesus Christ walked the earth, one of the greatest prophets was given a vision that endures to this day. The prophet's name is Isaiah. Between February 7, 2016 and Easter, March 27, 2016, we are going to read the amazing language of Isaiah as we prepare for the Messiah's coming to the cross and resurrection from the tomb at Easter. Would you like to come with us as we reading this amazing prophecy? 

Along the way, we are also going to prepare ourselves for the re-launch of a church. We were Garnett Church of Christ, and we are replanting the church in a leased school and storefront office and calling it The Journey. If you are on our web site, you may already know that. But if you have not visited with us yet, you may not know that our mission is simple but powerful and you are included in it: inviting all people into Christ centered life. You are part of the all people, and so are we. We invite you, we invite ourselves deeper into God's love, mercy, grace, joy, and love. 

In addition to reading Isaiah during the 40 days of what Christians have long called Lent, a period of training for new disciples and a return to training for all disciples, we will be preparing ourselves for Easter, for our church's official re-launch, for inviting our family, friends, and neighbors, with prayer, fasting, Bible readings from Isaiah and the gospels, and giving. This blog will lead us through these practices day by day.