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February 26, 2016

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Do you try to create an image on Facebook that makes you look better than your heart or life really is? Who posts are lonely Friday nights eating chips and watching TV? Don't answer that question, there are actually a lot of people who post such mundane things! 

Recently I asked people at The Journey to post photos, quotes, songs, sermon points from our worship services. I think we have a hard time thinking that's OK. We don't want to be showy, but if we're going to use Facebook to post our lunch, can we think about using it to post something that is truly good?

Louis CK* is very quotable, but his language that would be classified as "mature" is really immature. So I will paraphrase what he said, because there's wisdom in it, and he deserves credit for it, but because of F-bombs and taking God's name in vain in the quote, I'm going to paraphrase it. He said we waste language, words we might need for something amazing in our lives that's going to happen. We call a burger "awesome!" Really? The burger filled you with awe? We use wonderful like it was a piece of candy. Really? This donut filled you with wonder? What's going to happen when you get married or have a child? You've already wasted awe and wonder on a hamburger.

The further point that Louis CK stops short of is this: the only awesome in the world is God. The only one really worth of awe is God. Yes, we so loosely and carelessly use the world awesome, and this leads us to a sin. The sin is forgetting who rules the world, becoming self-sovereign, becoming impressed with our own awesomeness, being full of ourselves. The first sin and one humans can't seem to shake is self-rule, and the problem with our politics and national story is that self-rule and self-sovereignty is built into our DNA. Granted, it's for a good reason, so the state doesn't rule us. But not being ruled by the state, while it frees us, still leaves us as "free radicals" who can do a lot of damage to ourselves and others when we believe we are self-sovereigns with no God to stand in awe of.

The point of this post is that God is awesome. Isaiah says the point of all these writings is this: "Stand in awe of Yahweh!" Don't think your country is awesome, other nations, rulers, rich businessmen, celebrities, ourselves. Everything and everyone is not awesome, much as I enjoy that song and "Lego Movie"! 


Does God have to do something new, something miraculous every day for you to think He's awesome? Or is His creation, what He's already done awesome enough for you? Do you require miracles in your own life? Why? God has done the amazing, awe-filling work in Christ that will never be matched. It is match-less! In prayer, can you simply thank Him for that awesome work for you today?


Have you called food awesome? Is it really? Does food fill you with awe? Listen to yourself, and if you refer to a hamburger or a particular food or drink as "awesome" or "wonderful" or "amazing," would you commit to stopping in your tracks and even throwing the food away?


You are not awesome because you give money to the church, to someone or some cause. Giving a tithe or even something above a tithe does not make us awesome, and if someone says we are awesome for doing something nice, would you consider correcting them, to say that you are not awesome, that only God is awesome?

*Note: Louis CK from what I can tell doesn't believe in God, thinks we Christians are scamming people, misleading people, or even worse criminally taking people's money and lives in the name of religion. He's right. But atheists and people of all religions and stripes have taken people's money and lives. Christians don't have a corner on that market, and that doesn't excuse it, but his point doesn't really hold a lot of water. We don't claim we're perfect, that we haven't been guilty of atrocities in history, but these things don't happen because we believe and follow a man named Jesus Christ, but because we have claimed to follow him but have really been following our own wisdom, our passions, Satan's lies. Christians, just as Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and every other religion, can get off the track, be misled.