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March 10, 2016

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Meet my friends, Margaret and James Okumu, Budoola, Uganda. 

Meet my friends, Margaret and James Okumu, Budoola, Uganda. 

Take a moment to sit "with" me and friends, James and Margaret Okumu, on the eastern border of Uganda and with a little boy on the porch of a "House of Prayer" in eastern Uganda. Those mountains you see in the background are in Kenya.

I met James Okumu after a woman from Southeast Church of Christ in Houston, Texas asked me to visit him. She was his World Bible School instructor/grader. I have visited the Okumu home many times, slept there in the peaceful plains that look out to the distance hills in Kenya to the East.

James is fond of calling the little church building close to his farm on the eastern Ugandan prairie, the "House of Prayer." And it is. James is one of the most diligent, prayerful, studious, industrious, and evangelistic men I know. His wife, Margaret is one of the most hospitable women I know. She has more than once fed a hungry missionary who has driven (not walked or biked like them, driven, that's not that hard!!) two hours to their place. They have hosted me for the night, and we have shared Jesus in the still of the evening and the heat of the day.


My longing is to see the prayer of Jesus lived out, that His house, the places where God the Father, Christ the Son, and through the power of the Holy Spirit is worshipped to be "houses of prayer for all nations." 


Eat beans and rice today. Remember brothers and sisters across the world that eat meat only rarely, on special days.


Give to a reputable mission that helps people where there are great needs and receptivity to the gospel.