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March 27, 2016

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I hope you'll come to The Journey this morning at 10:45 am. I plan to speak about the first person Jesus appeared to: an outcast.

Her name was Mary of the town of Magdala.

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene near the tomb.

We know four important things about Mary Magdalene (John 20:1–18; Luke 8:1–3).

  1. She had a terrible demon possession with seven evil spirits tormenting her.
  2. Jesus healed her of that possession.
  3. Mary Magdalene not only followed Jesus but joined a group of women in supporting Jesus in his ministry and travel logistics.
  4. She is the top-rated witness to the empty tomb, and John singles her out as having been there alone to see Jesus first among all the disciples. All four Gospels include Mary Magdalene as one of the first witnesses of the empty tomb. John prioritizes this powerful moment with Jesus and Mary Magdalene in his telling of the risen Messiah.

Read John 20:1-18 for the story of the resurrection appearance to Mary of Magdala. I love what Jesus says to her: "Why are you crying? Who are you looking for?" And she thinks Jesus is the gardener! When she learned it was Jesus, she grabbed him, but he asked her to go and tell the other disciples. What she says is simple and profound: "I have seen the Lord!"

Come this morning and we'll talk about the huge significance of this appearance to a woman outcast named Mary of the town of Magdala. He is Risen!!