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February 28, 2016

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How horrible it will be for those Jews who go down to Egypt for help. They think that horses will save them. They trust in their many chariots and in their horsemen, because they are very strong. They don’t look to God, the Holy One of Israel. They don’t ask Yahweh for help.
— Isaiah 31:1

Judah and King Hezekiah were squeezed between two nations wanting them to be vassals, give them protection. Assyria was mowing down cities on the way to laying siege to Jerusalem in the early 700s B.C., and Hezekiah had a choice to make. Trust in horses and chariots and alliances with foreign nations, or trust in Yahweh. 

Isaiah repeatedly said, Don't do this thing! Trust not in your horses and chariots or what you can get in military aid from Egypt or Assyria. Don't become their vassal, because what comes with that? Foreign gods. Hezekiah's father, Ahaz, had already demonstrated (2 Kings 16-17) that a foreign alliance leads directly to alliances with foreign gods. 

You may say, What's all this got to do with us? Horses were not pets in the ancient world. They meant one thing. Speed and agility in battle. Horses were for warfare. Chariots indicated a dependence on foreign military aid. Hezekiah could be thinking, "I have the men, I just need the military transport," which was chariots and horses.

The analogy for today is modern military weaponry. Do we on a personal level depend on our guns, or on a national level depend on humvees, warships, fighter jets? Just the mention of this can start a huge argument!

So I'll stick with my question and leave it there. Well? Is your life secure because you believe more strongly, passionately in your guns and military than in Yahweh? No, I've never been a soldier in war, and yes I respect those who have fought for the nation's causes, and I honor veterans old and freshly off the battlefields. May God bless you for your valor, your personal sacrifice, your honor, your protection of peoples both American and innocents of other nations. 

Also, I understand the 2nd Amendment. I know what it says, and I understand the passion for securing our own resistance against the potential for government to wield too much power over us, take away our guns. All the more reason for us to consider how our guns have become idols to us. Our passion and history with guns, violence, war in the United States may prove Isaiah's point, and so what are we to do about it? 

Right now, during Lent, please keep praying, keep asking Yahweh for a change of heart. This blog is not going to change military policy for our nation. The intention is to help change a few hearts and turn our faces toward Yahweh.


How horrible it is for us to put our trust in weapons instead of you, Yahweh. Please forgive us for our worldly desire to be a superpower and lord over nations, think ourselves better because of our might and wealth. Collectively, for those who are willing together, we confess this, don't really know what to do with this sin of wrongly placed dependence, but we simply open ourselves to you and your power. 


Would you consider spending as much money on the poor as you spend on guns and ammo this year? In 1997, a group of 15 men climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. One climber said, "Why don't we give the huge amount of money we all gave for climbing permits each year to the poor in East Africa, so help them climb out of poverty!" That was the start of The Kibo Group. What could you start by speaking up and confessing your wealth, dependence on something other than Yahweh?