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March 24, 2016

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We're going to talk about money, but this is not a request for money. It's a shame churches have to make that disclaimer!

This post will be a bit different but will still challenge you. 

Isaiah 61 and Jesus reading this text in the synagogue speaks of setting the captives free. One of most common self-imposed captivities of our time is debt.

The church that is producing this web site, on which you are receiving this devotional, has by the grace of God gotten out of debt, as though fire. We were in debt 36 years to building upkeep. Sheer costs, stress, and time it took to manage an overwhelming building for the size of our church congregation kept us out of the reaching out business and more in the maintaining our debts business.

NOW, however, we are free from that particular debt! We were captives, but now we are free, and we have been rejoicing in that freedom for more than a year now. We have been more freely giving to the poor who come through our doors, albeit with wisdom and discernment, with prayer (with and/or not with the person in need). This all comes down to a question for us as individuals, families, and businesses. Are you in some kind of debt that keeps your heart and mind captive? I don't ask to rub that in.

My wife and I have had some form of debt since we were married. College loan debt, car debt, house debt, debt after taking a mission trip, of all things! If you are like most Americans, you have personal or business debt, too. Debt is an American rite of passage! I call it American not because it's not available and prevalent in other countries, but in many countries and in most of the world's population, such debt is not even possible. The poor would like to get just a few hundred dollars in credit to start a business, but they can't! 

The Taylor family has been working, praying and progressing toward financial freedom since 2008! Anything worthwhile takes more than one day! But each day we pray and ask God for grace to keep doing something today to work toward a debt free life. I understand that some businesses need to have a loan for a place of business, lines of credit, and some of us need car loans. I'm not saying loans are necessarily bad, and they are a blessing to so many. My question is whether or not these have become too much for you in your particular place, so that they have made you captive more than free you. They are meant to free you to make a business, have a car that supports your life purpose, etc. 

I'm praying for you now to be free as God is leading you to be! Please pray for all of us to move toward greater financial freedom so that you and I and our families, businesses, churches can be more free to give again!