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March 04, 2016

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Ahaz the king of Judah in the 700s B.C. trusted in a king named Tiglath-Pileaser to rescue him from threats from the North from a Syrian and Israelite alliance. 

Ahaz was a bad king. You can read about Ahaz in 2 Kings 16, and what you're going to read there is that Ahaz was so bad that he even threw his son into the fire to placate false gods. The second thing that Ahaz did that Isaiah prophesied against was that he got so scared about Pekah of Israel and Rezin of Syria, who had formed an alliance and were knocking on Ahaz's door and saying you got two choices: join our alliance or we mow you down.

Ahaz took the third option: he reached out to a king named Tiglath-Pileser and he said, I am your vassal. How much silver and gold would it take for you to help me attack Aram and Israel, Rezin and Pekah and wipe them out? Tiglath-Pileser took the deal, and he went and mowed down Rezin and Pekah.

Later, Ahaz met Tiglath-Pileser in Damascus. Ahaz brought plans from one of his key prophets about how to build altars to the Assyrian gods. Do you know why Isaiah and Yahweh didn't want his people to form alliances with other nations? Because what comes with those alliances is other nation's gods.

Ahaz was a "pleaser" to Tiglath-Pileaser, building altars to the Assyrian gods in Damascus. 


If you are a people pleaser, begin praying today that you will stop being a people pleaser. Simply admit to God you have been more interested in pleasing people than God. Do you excessively worry about what people think about you stating your beliefs or expressing your faith in some way, rather than being concerned what God will think about your expression? Maybe you've prayed about this before, maybe not, but ask a simple prayer today: "Make me a God pleaser and not a man pleaser."


Fast from pleasing people for 24 hours. Come up with ways in your work or family to be content not pleasing people and instead focus on pleasing God.


Give in such a way that pleases God alone. I can't think of examples of this right now, so it may be something I need to consider more seriously. How do we give in ways that doesn't end up glorifying ourselves but glorifies God alone. This is a tough one. Enjoy!