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Suffering and Devoted Servant

March 14, 2016

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Look, My Servant will act wisely. People will give him great honor and respect him highly.
— Isaiah 52:13 IEB

Messianic prophecy in this section of Isaiah actually starts before the famous chapter 53. Chapters don't always direct us well in our studies. Good translators recognize that and since they are stuck with the chapter designations (if they change them, it messes the whole church up when we reference them and read them together), they try to make up for these problems by putting headings that overlap chapters.

In this case the heading begins back in 52:13 in many Bibles and begins the resemblance with this person spoken about 600 plus years before Jesus came. It's interesting that the tense is a past form, but that doesn't necessarily mean the events spoken about are in the past. Look at 53:3. Isaiah seems to identify with future people who would look on the crucified Messiah and turn their faces away because it was too terrible to look at.

52:14 and 53:3 set up the terribleness of what the Messiah went through as a way of setting the course of history straight again. And 53:4 takes this set up and shows what the terribleness is for. For us. 

We'll discuss this more in the next post.


Yahweh, what a mystery this is that you are One but also are three in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That you remain transcendent in Father but also immanent in Son and present in Spirit. 


Fast from trying to look so pretty or handsome today, whatever vain pride male or female takes daily, consider foregoing that in order to be more of your true self, not slaven or unkempt but not taking extra pains to be acceptable in the world's eyes. "There was nothing in his appearance to attract us to him."


Take some of your unused but useful clothes to Goodwill or your local church clothing ministry.