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Hosting at Outpost

Guidelines for Events hosted at The Journey Outpost

  1. If you would like to have your event at the Outpost, please email Nyasha at to check for availability, book your event and schedule a time to come and pick up a key at the Outpost. *(See process for issuing a key below.)

  2. **Exceptions: Please be sure to schedule with someone who has access to keys and an alarm code to be available to open, close and set the alarm after the event. (Please see the list below and contact them if you don’t have a key or a code.)

  3. Early setup can only be done on the day of your event.

  4. You will be responsible for bringing your own disposable supplies: cups, plates, utensils, napkins etc...

  5. For recurring events, please make sure you have all the supplies you may need for your event and you may keep it stocked on the shelf labeled for your usage. (See Nyasha).

  6. Kitchen Usage: If you plan to use our hardware, we ask that you please load them in the dishwasher and run it before you leave.

  7. For a $20 donation, you and your guests are welcome to use the coffee machine and supplies.

  8. The space available for your use is the kitchen area and the welcoming area (front part of the Outpost). Otherwise, please keep the doors to the storage area and offices closed.

  9. If you will have children in attendance and would like to use the youth area for entertainment, there must be adult supervision with the children in the room.
    The youth minister, Nate Donley needs to be notified of this ahead of time.
    No food or drinks allowed in this area. Otherwise keep door closed.

  10. After your event is over, make sure things are left as you found it.

  11. If your event included consumption of food and trash is full, please take trash out (there is a dumpster outside in the back of the Outpost).

**Members that may have a key and a code or can request one in the event of an emergency: Linda Davis, Rick and/or Arlene Hayes, John and/or Donna Dickmann, Bob Schweikhard, Jo Morton, Beth West. Staff members should be the last resort.