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Event Approval Process

Event Approval Process

  1. Formation Phase: To begin the event process please fill out this form

  2. Team Phase: Rally the troops!

    1. Leader may choose a team to help depending on the load.

    2. Check in meetings are important and expected rather than just email or distance planning.

    3. Set an initial meeting

  3. Planning Phase: Working out the details

    1. Leader and team asks, “Does the event match The Journey Mission and Vision?”

    2. What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

    3. Fill out the R.A.C.I. tool. (More on R.A.C.I. tool below)

  4. Approval Phase: An event is not an official Journey event until the form is filled out and leader is known, a team is chosen if necessary, and initial phase of planning shows a match of mission/vision, lays out S.M.A.R.T. goals, and a R.A.C.I. shows further who is to be Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.


R.A.C.I. Tool

Establishing a Lead for an Event

  • Define whether the Event falls within a specific department.

  • The department head is responsible for taking the lead.

  • An “All Church” Event with no clear department, can fall to Front Office to take the lead or delegate to the next appropriate person.  

  • Each Lead is responsible for filling out a RACI (see template below), and developing a team for the Event.  

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? (The person who is assigned to do the work)

WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE? (The person who makes the final decision and has the ultimate ownership)

WHO IS CONSULTED? (The person who is consulted before a decision or action is taken)

WHO IS INFORMED? (The person who must be informed that a decision or action has been taken)