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Communications Playbook

Communications Process Flow

  • Communication idea is generated, whether internally (by staff) or externally (by members or whomever).

  • Start the process with the desired result, not just the idea, by setting what the goal is of this particular communication. See SMART goals below.  If it does not pass this phase of the process we re-evaluate or drop it.

  • End the process by measuring whether or not you achieved the goal you set at the beginning.  If not, why not?  Create countermeasures that will help us be more successful next time.

Putting Information into the Bulletin

  1. Information needed: Please make sure to include WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & TIME details.

  2. All information needs to be emailed to by 12 Noon on Wednesday.

  3. If you have artwork to go with your bulletin announcement please include the JPG image file with your other information.

  4. Please note that The Journey reserves the right to edit any information and/or artwork given.

Personal Phone Invites with PCO People

This lists assumes logging into PCO People and some knowledge of the program

1. Click “LISTS” on top navigation

2. Open the list you want to use (or create a new list)

3. Click “Perform Action”
4. A new box will open and you select “People” and “Add to Workflow”

5.Select a value for “Workflow Name” and here is an example Workflow called, “Calling Anyone for Any Reason” . . . different lists can be plugged into this general workflow or you can create your own workflow specific to the invite calls you are making.

6. Then click at the bottom of the box, “Update 31 people” (it will list the number in the list)
7. Alternatively, you can “Create Automation” and always add people to a calling list when they are entered into the list.
8. Happy Phone Inviting!!