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The Journey and The Pack Shack Combine to Share 10,000 Meals!

December 06, 2016

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By Kimberly Abaee Brown

November 19, 2016 -- Guests and members of The Journey Church partnered with The Pack Shack, a Rogers, Arkansas based ministry to make meals for our neighbors who face food insecurity.

People need help with non-perishable groceries for their homes, in addition to the food and toiletries bags we have been providing for homeless and economically struggling neighbors in East Tulsa.

Since 2014, The Pack Shack has been hosting events called, “Feed The Funnel Parties.” The Journey raised funds to pay for the meals, hosted a party at Wright Christian Academy (where we meet for worship on Sundays), and together we packaged more than 10,000 meals!

More than thirty guests and members of The Journey gathered on a Saturday morning, and took turns putting rice, spices, soy protein, and other ingredients into the funnel to package the meals.

Sally Evans, one of the thirty participants, said “I had a great time. When do we do this again?”

Event organizer Kim Brown said, “We had a great time with this event, which strengthens our sense of community and was made possible by God's goodness and a lot of loving servant hearts.”

The meal packages have eight servings, so this is an inexpensive way to provide a meal for a family. The meals cook quickly on the stove and have lots of protein and other nutrients.

Jesus said: "I was hungry, and you fed me."  Kim Brown added, "What a wonderful way to be on the right side of  this parable from Matthew 25."

Every Tuesday members of the Journey and staff gather with neighbors to pray, talk about physical and spiritual needs, and assist with food and toiletries bags and packages of Pack Shack meals. Want to join us? Come Tuesdays 9 - 11 am to the Journey Outpost, 3171 S. 129th East Ave. Suite D, Tulsa, OK 74134.