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Santa Hats for Kids in Honduras

January 05, 2017

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By Bartola Kuruvilla

December 16, 2016 -- Santa hats were taken to the city of Catacamas in Honduras, and got distributed to the children and volunteers of "Where God Provides" Church of Christ. For Christmas day, the kids were provided with a special breakfast that included a Tamale, Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken), lots of pop and cake! A shirt was specially made for each child with their names on it. The Hats came in handy as a project, children and volunteers were very excited to be getting their own and be able to decorate it. Everyone sent greetings and appreciation to the Church for making Christmas day more special. 
Hats were also taken to a remote village of Catacamas and were handed out to a family of about 15 kids and adults. They were super excited and could not believe they had their own. It was absolutely priceless to see how appreciative they are for so little. Their smiles were worth the one and a half hour walk in the darkness on a muddy trail. For those who donated money, know that it was well used, teachers were taken out for Christmas Day lunch! Thank you all again for being a part of this great experience.