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Praying for university students

March 29, 2017

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Several times this month I had opportunities to pray for college students. I want to tell you about three of them.

First, the photo above shows a group of guys who came through town for spring break. We were able to host them in our home for a few hours and pray with them and encourage them as they also encouraged us. 

Second, some of these guys came back to Tulsa recently for the Kibo Group run and dinner. We hosted about 15 university students at The Journey, and we called them to tell a world that doesn't know God loves them that God does in fact love them as His children. We are calling those students into long-term missions, not just short-term trips. We have a form for applying for short and long term mission, because we want to send 100 missionaries in the next five years.

Finally, this month I traveled with my wife, Jill, to Chicago. 

My day to pray for college students fell during this trip. I had hoped to pray for students in Tulsa, but I decided to pray on site with insight while in Chicago.

I prayed on the campus of Oakton Community College, where Jill was at a high school AP teacher's conference. Snow covered the ground as I walked around the lake and near campus buildings and remembered college students here, in Tulsa, in Searcy, Arkansas, where my daughter, Anna, is a nursing student.

I also prayed for international students in small colleges like this all over the world. 

Using the prayer for the day as a guide, the prayer I prayed for university students was for them to follow Christ, for the truth to be proclaimed in settings that are often hostile or cynical toward matters of faith. I prayed for students to make wise decisions, not underage drink, not engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage, to seek for God to shape their purpose around His purposes. I prayed for strong leadership among Christians on and around campuses.