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Praying for the Media

March 16, 2017

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The following is Jeff's testimony about praying for the media March 15, 2017.

Jeff McIlroy praying for the Media.

Jeff McIlroy praying for the Media.

I sat with Will Rogers outside the Daily Progress in Claremore, and prayed for the media as a whole to become full of the love of Jesus, and to have morals and values in keeping with the kingdom. I prayed for the employees of the Daily Progress specifically.

I then sat in my car with the radio on one station, my cell phone on another station, and my eyes 'reading' the newspaper. I then tried to pray while in the middle of all of that cacophony.

I prayed that we as a people will learn when to listen, and when not to listen to the bombardment of information that comes at us. I prayed that we would know what to listen to and what not to listen to and how to listen when we do listen.